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    Hi Tom,

    thanks for providing support regarding GPP and bbPress integration. I’m using the GP version of bbPress for a while now, and it works great. Your extra mile in this respect is highly appreciated.

    I was wondering if you could take a shot at this very specific use case: I’d like the topic-tag page to look exactly like the search-result page (see screenshot) –> list of forum threats in full length rather than list of titles only.

    In order to realize that I need to…

    1) copy a ?-search.php file from the plugin directory into the respective subfolder of the child theme and
    2) rename it into a ?-topic-tag.php file.

    Is this correct? If so, which ?-search and ?-topic-tag file do I need to consider?

    Remark: I’m fully aware that this question is very far on the bbpress side and therefore I have posted a similar thread in their forum as well. Their support, however, has been at a different response/ quality level lately ;-(

    With that in mind any advice (on top of your head) is more than welcome.

    Best regards,

    Customer Support

    Hi Jan,

    Unfortunately this is something that bbPress’ support will have to help you out with.

    You can also try a general WordPress forum like this one:

    Thanks for your understanding 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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