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    Installed GP 3 Alpha but when I create a new element of any type, I don’t see the new generate_menu_bar_items hook location?

    Also the hover CSS on main menu items seems to apply when moving the cursor away from the current item, so while you might be hovering over a different item, the eye is drawn back towards the previous one – is this intentional?


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    Hi there,

    generate_menu_bar_items will be added to the list in the next GPP updated.
    In the meantime you can select Custom Hook and generate_menu_bar_items to the field provided.

    That hover effect is from CSS in your Customizer > Additional CSS.
    This part controls the hover element:

    .main-navigation .menu>.menu-item>a:hover::after,
    .main-navigation .menu>.menu-item>a:focus::after,
    .main-navigation .menu>.current-menu-item>a::after {
        width: 40px;
        /* controls the width of the line */
        color: #ffffff;

    This line needs:

    .main-navigation .menu>.menu-item>a:hover::after,

    needs to be:

    .main-navigation .menu>.menu-item:hover >a::after

    This way the hover is detected on the larger LI element and not just the link text.


    Cool can use the custom hook for testing. I think that CSS was left over from a site library import, I never add styling in the customizer. Cleared now anyway.


    Customer Support
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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