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    I have used elementor to style my page. My speed score at pingdom and gtmetrix are above 90 (100 at gtmetrix) but for google page speed it is a poor 50%. I combined autoptimize and fastest cache pro.

    Now I know I can’t make it perfect at google page speed but could I improve the score? Right now I have at least one render-blocking JavaScript of elementor above the folt. Google is also complaining about Prioritizing visible content.

    Could I score better without elementor and use sections of GP instead together with a column plugin and a lightbox plugin?

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    Hi there,

    the google page speed rating is a vanity metric. Whats most important is the speed. For better understanding of whats good or bad about the site use the Lighthouse report generated by Google Audit – Right click on your page in Chrome > Inspect and then look for Audit. This will give you greater insight to whats good and bad.

    Using GP Sections and a single plugin would create a lighter page then that built in Elementor as it would reduce the HTML and CSS quite considerably. Whether this creates a huge speed improvement would depend on how well optimized the site currently is.


    Thanks David, sorry it took a while. I missed your answer. I will follow up your advice.

    Customer Support

    Hi David,

    I tested with Google audit and the page with elementor with 13 medium images has in my opinion a decent score:
    90 = performance
    89 = accessibility
    87 = Best practices
    100 = SEO

    While the one created with GP Sections with only one medium image scores:

    Considering the fact that I would like to have some ease while creating pages and the fact that I am going for high value content to rank for SEO would choosing elementor make such a big difference?

    Is there a difference in speed between the free version versus and paid version of elementor?

    Thanks in advance.

    Customer Support

    SEO value is all down to the content, so it doesn’t really matter how you build the content. For search indexing however, Speed, Responsiveness and Accessibility do play a major part when google is ranking a page. The latter two are becoming a bigger factor now.

    There should be no difference between the free and premium version. ie. Premium isn’t faster, but it adds more widgets which if you start using them all on a page will be detrimental to its speed.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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