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    I have used elementor to style my page. My speed score at pingdom and gtmetrix are above 90 (100 at gtmetrix) but for google page speed it is a poor 50%. I combined autoptimize and fastest cache pro.

    Now I know I can’t make it perfect at google page speed but could I improve the score? Right now I have at least one render-blocking JavaScript of elementor above the folt. Google is also complaining about Prioritizing visible content.

    Could I score better without elementor and use sections of GP instead together with a column plugin and a lightbox plugin?


    David Customer Support

    Hi there,

    the google page speed rating is a vanity metric. Whats most important is the speed. For better understanding of whats good or bad about the site use the Lighthouse report generated by Google Audit – Right click on your page in Chrome > Inspect and then look for Audit. This will give you greater insight to whats good and bad.

    Using GP Sections and a single plugin would create a lighter page then that built in Elementor as it would reduce the HTML and CSS quite considerably. Whether this creates a huge speed improvement would depend on how well optimized the site currently is.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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