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    Since updating my GP plugin, I’ve been getting messages from Google that four of my pages are not mobile ready.

    They are saying that the major issue is “Text to small to read.”

    First it was just three pages, and now it is four pages.

    Thank you!

    GP Premium 1.7.8

    David Customer Support

    Hi there,

    this issue arises when Google has trouble loading the Style Sheets and Scripts that run on your site. Sometimes it loads them and other times is does not. You can see them listed on the Page Loading issues the tool provides.

    The best fix is to autoptimize the site, by combining style sheets and scripts. This reduces the amount of requests and means google is less likely to timeout when trying to load them. Tips on how to do that are found here:





    Another plugin?!

    I have Swift Performance installed to speed up my site.

    Do their functions overlap?

    Do you know if these two plugins will play nice?

    What I don’t understand is why this problem is happening now and not before!

    Thank you!


    David Customer Support

    If you have Swift Performance then it has CSS and Javascript optimization included, you just may need to activate the functions.



    Also, can I install Autooptimize, use it, and then uninstall it?


    David Customer Support

    No, i would advise against having two optimization plugins doing the same thing. And the plugin has to be installed and activated for it to work.



    Thanks, David.




    I uninstalled Swift Performance and installed Autoptimize.

    But I am noticing that Google Mobile Usability app is complaining about two other problems:

    1. Content wider than screen
    2. Clickable elements too close together

    Will these be corrected by Autoptimize too?


    David Customer Support

    Not seeing either of those errors, its possible that Google picked up the an old cached file. Looks good to me.



    Thanks, David, for checking.


    David Customer Support



    I still have Autooptimize plugin installed.

    Again, I am getting an email notification from Google with the following two errors:

    Text too small to read
    Clickable elements too close together

    David checked on this for me before.

    How can I check to see if those errors are valid and not from an old cached file?

    Thank you!


    David Customer Support

    Your site is asking me to sign in on the home page – is that correct? Because its stopping some of the file requests from being made so i can’t properly test the site.



    No, that isn’t right. I have always had a password on wp-admin. And I added a password to the wp-contents folder.

    Do I need to remove the passwords? Thanks!


    David Customer Support

    The admin should always be behind a password.
    Password protecting the WP-content is probably whats causing the issue as its content will not be available to visitors or bots. Let me know

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