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    Hi everyone,

    As per David’s suggestion, I am creating a new topic for my question.

    I followed these instructions on how to add the Google Analytics tracking script to my WordPress (GeneratePress, Target theme). I am using the classic Google Analytics code, not Google Tag Manager’s.

    When I load any page of my website and look at the source code, the script correctly shows up.For some reason though, Google Analytics is not getting any information.
    I tried with multiple browser, both in normal and incognito mode. I only had luck with Microsoft Edge, so I fear that some plugin may be interfering with the tracking code.

    Some additional info:

    • I cleared the cache on my website
    • I used gachecker and the website doesn’t pass the tests
    • I installed the Google extension to check the live behavior of GA, and it returns a net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT error. Which is weird, because it doesn’t return any error on my other websites and I am not using an ad blocker.

    I really have no idea what to do, I set up Google Analytics in multiple WordPress websites (not using GeneratePress) and never experienced this kind of problem.

    Sorry for the long posts, but I tried to be as descriptive as possible.

    Any advice?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    How long have you given it? If you go into the “Real Time” section of GA, do you see any data?

    You must be using something to block GA in your browser – I’m not seeing the BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT error on my end.


    Hi Tom,

    Thank you for your reply. It’s now been ~14 hours since I added the tracking code.

    I do see a visit at about the same time of your reply, so it looks like it recorded your visit.

    It might be a problem with my browser(s), but what is weird is that:
    – it doesn’t work in incognito either
    – it works (with the same browsers) with all my other websites

    I just tried from mobile, and the Real-Time tracking seems to work if I use a VPN. I wonder if Google is somehow figuring out that these devices are mine, and is excluding them from the stats. But then, I don’t see why it would work with my other websites.

    Even more weird, if I go to Google Analytics -> Admin -> Tracking Info -> Tracking Code, I see “No data received in past 48 hours.” under Status.

    Thank you again for your reply.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Might be best to get some family members/friends to visit the site and see if it logs them.

    As long as you’ve copied the code from GA correctly and added it to wp_head, you should be good to go.


    Thank you, it seems to be working now.

    I don’t know what happened, but it took two days for Analytics to finally show “Data received in the past 48 hours”.

    Have a nice one!

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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