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    Normally I work local on my computer and push to git, to have version control.

    But now where the most of the page setup is made with GenerateBlocks/Gutenberg and not the theme files.

    Then I want to ask how you guys work on a project local on your computeres, and push it to the live site ?

    Is there any smart way of doing it ?

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    Ahhhh… Thats not an easy/fast way of “pushing” from local to live.
    There must exist an easier way, of manage sites on local, and push to live somehow.

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    Hi there,

    there are many local development applications such as XAMP, MAMP ( mac ), Laravel etc that allow you to develop locally and push to a live site. Each one has its own configuration requirements and some knowledge to setup.

    Or there are services provided by specific hosts – like Local by Flywheel.
    Which allows you to push to their servers or open an NGROK tunnel to provide external links to your local site.

    Or you can use the migrator/duplicator tools to take a copy and add it your live site.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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