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    Hi Tom,
    Apology in advance if I should be asking this question on Relevanssi or Elementor websites.

    I have a customer whose current web developer has stopped supporting the website. I have used GeneratePress Pro Elementor Pro to re=create in WordPress. All seemed fine until using the search option. The original website http://www.irishsetterhealth.info/ does a much better job drilling down through the accordion pages and highlighting search words. My wordpress version uses Elementor Pro to create accordion content but when you search and shows page title. I have installed Relevanssi but it talks about modifying the “search result template” not sure if they mean search.php & if so which one ?
    Highlights in titles require changes to the search results template. You need to “replace the_title()” in the search results template with “relevanssi_the_title()”. For more information, see the contextual help. I have searches these files and cannot find “replace the_title()”
    As an example if i search for breed clubs in the original Drupal website it returns:-
    Search results
    • Breed Clubs
    There are nine Breed Clubs in UK associated with The Kennel Club: Belfast and …

    • Spotlight on
    Epilepsy The UK Joint Irish Setter Breed Clubs’ Health Committee has been supporting Professor Hannes Lohi’s …

    • PRA rcd4
    … rcd4 Following consultation with the Irish Setter Breed Health Committee, the Kennel Club has recently approved a new official … **************** Joint Irish Setter Breed Clubs Statement on the control of the rcd4 mutation in Irish Setters …

    • Breed Health Committee
    Breed Health Committee For several years, the health of pure-bred … and the UK Kennel Club requested that each recognised breed appoint a health committee to examine health issues in the breed. The … health representatives from the eight Irish Setter Breed Clubs in the United Kingdom. Rita Bryden, as KC Breed Liaison Officer also … etc
    Whilst wordpress site returns:-
    The joint breed clubs health committee is monitoring the situation and it appears that breeders who are members of breed clubs are now ensuring no further genetically affected Irish Setters…

    Breed Clubs in UK associated with The Kennel Club: Belfast and District Irish Setter Club Irish Setter Association, England http://www.isae.co.uk Irish Setter Breeders’ Club http://www.isbc.org.uk Irish Setter Club of Scotland…

    …any reputable breeder should be willing to agree to take the pup back, providing you have veterinary back up. Reputable breeders care and do their best to breed healthy dogs… etc
    Any advice would be gratefull
    Regards Kevin

    GeneratePress 2.1.4
    GP Premium 1.7.2
    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    Yes, you’d need to copy the content.php file and add it to your child theme. Then rename it to content-search.php.

    Then you can make any necessary changes, like switching out the_title().

    The actual results returned is from WordPress, so Relevanssi shouldn’t have any issues implementing their functionality.


    Thanks Tom

    Just need to sort how to show an accordion that has search item in content but not in accordion title. ideally list by accordion title not page as http://www.irishsetterhealth.info/ original joomla website. I have emailed Relevanssi about this.


    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi Tom,

    Relevanssi got back to me see below but beyond me what to do?

    Mikko Saari (@msaari)
    5 hours, 57 minutes ago
    The original site has a different post structure and will produce different results because of that.

    But I guess it is possible to have the correct part of the accordion open up. You’ll have the search terms in the “highlight” parameter. All it takes is a script that checks the search terms, then goes through the post and finds where the search terms appear and opens up those accordion items that have the keywords.

    Relevanssi can’t do that for you, though, so you have to create the code yourself, but I’m pretty sure it can be done.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Sounds like that would require some javascript (although I can’t tell for sure). You may need to hire a developer to write that up for you, as it’s likely too complex for these forums.

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