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    rex wickham

    I was reading the changelog of the update thats just appeared on my site. So many updates and improvements that I just wanted to say thank you!


    I cant seem to find the change log, where can it be seen?

    rex wickham

    == changelog ==

    = 1.2.90 =
    * Prevent direct access to all files
    * All Czech translations updated (thanks Ondrej!)
    * Copyright: Improve Customizer experience
    * Sections: Completely re-designed and re-built Sections
    * Sections: Section content is now saved into your default editor on update/save.
    – This prevents theme-lock, meaning your content will still exist even if you remove Sections.
    * Sections: Send to default editor button removed as the before removes the need for it
    * Sections: Add bottom & top padding unit option (px or %)
    * Page Header: Add generate_page_header_video_loop filter to disable looping of the page header video
    * Page Header: Add option to remove the page header from single posts
    * Page Header: Make number only inputs only accepts numbers
    * Page Header: Force page header above the content if merged option is set
    * Page Header: Disable automatic check for background video posters if no image is set
    * Page Header: Use featured image as background image if no page header image is set
    * Spacing: Remove duplicate menu item height CSS
    * Spacing: Make inputs number only
    * Spacing: All options are now instant preview
    * Blog: Make post image sizes and excerpt length inputs number only
    * Blog: Force full width masonry items on mobile
    * Blog: Show Blog panel even when we’re not viewing the blog in the Customizer
    * Menu Plus: Reduce space between menu toggle and search icon on mobile with menu logo enabled
    * Menu Plus: Show navigation logo option and navigation logo position option even if sticky navigation isn’t enabled
    * Menu Plus: Optimize javascript and put it all in files instead of in wp_footer
    * Menu Plus: Allow navigation logo to show in sidebar navigation causing a sidebar logo effect
    * Menu Plus: Float mobile header to the right on RTL installations
    * Typography: Add new filter: generate_typography_variants
    * Typography: Make font size, weight and decoration instant preview
    * Typography: Only show top 200 popular Google Fonts in Customizer (increases Customizer performance)
    * Typography: generate_number_of_fonts filter added so you can choose how many fonts to include in the Customizer list
    * Typography: Remove 2 database queries
    * Typography: Add Segoe UI font to default list
    * Typography: Revamp how Google fonts get their category and variants (increase front end performance)
    * Colors: Make all colors instant preview
    * Secondary Navigation: Colors are now instant preview
    * Secondary Navigation: Typography font weight, transform and size are now instant preview
    * Secondary Navigation: Layout options are now instant preview
    * Hooks: Disable spell check in hook textareas
    * Hooks: Fix floating box issue on RTL installations
    * Backgrounds: Use default WordPress image uploader customizer control
    * Customizer: All Customizer controls are now rendered in javascript/json – big +1 for performance

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    My pleasure! It was the biggest update I’ve ever done, lots of cool stuff in there 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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