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    Using gb i faced some problems in recreating a page that is using visual composer.
    My attempt is shown in the url added to this post – for having a look at the page i want to replace/recreate just use the same url without the sandbox in front

    My question:
    how best to add one text with different colors?
    I want to change text color in one headline/paragraph (on top of the background picture in the 2nd container).
    (If not possible with one block: This would be a nice feature in gb (e.g. editors kit makes that possible – but i would rather not install a plugin only for that.))

    The orginal has a text with 2 colours in it. i would like to add that with wordpress if possible (if not i can still add it to image directly).

    My tries so far was a grid on top of the 2nd container. but not sure if there is a more clever approach. Currently this also isnt shown (as i deleted it and am working on the positioning).

    btw – did i see right that headline also works as paragraph? So it is also a replacement for that?

    (This is a follow up to my last question)

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    select the Headline Block – then in the sidebar Settings > Colors you can set Highlight Color.
    Now highlight the word(s) you want to change color and from the Toolbar click the down arrow and select Highlight.

    Yes you can change the Headline element to a <p> but we do not advise you use this in place of the Text Block when writing content.


    nice workaround 😉

    Actually i just saw that you even write in your documentation not to use headline as paragraph. My bad. Sorry.

    Also i just found video tutorials for gb – which from viewing only some minutes i can already recommend. Probably will answer all further questions i might annoy you with elsewhere.

    Maybe you make a list of content for gb users – so here the links:

    They are made by Mike Oliver

    Customer Support

    You’re welcome
    Once the GB plugin goes live – support will move over to wp.org and the generateblocks websites – and we will be adding tutorials and content to go with it. Mike Olivers is the best go to videos at this time.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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