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    I am creating a header for each post category. Each header will have the category title, a subheading (different than the taxonomy description), and a GB grid different for each category. Right now, I am using a block element using the hero hook for each category which I think is a bit of an overkill. I considered this approach because of the fact that the grid is different for each category. I can have the title as a dynamic element and the subheading as a custom field but I would like to be able to only have one hero element that displays each grid dynamically depending on the category. If I was to create local templates that house each GB grid, would there be a way to display each local template grid conditionally and in a certain position inside the hero element?

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    Hi George,

    i am not sure its possible – any chance we can see the current category pages ? May give us some ideas for options.


    Attached is the site URL. Each category has a set of infoboxes at the top. It’s those infoboxes that I want to be dynamic.

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    First off – apologies for the late reply, this slipped through our system.
    If I understand correctly you will need:

    a) 1 x global dynamic hero
    b) a big bunch of templates for each of the grids.

    One thing that comes to mind would be:

    1. Create a Hook inside a Shortcode by adding this PHP Snippet:

    function db_hook_inside_shortcode($atts, $content = null) {
          return ob_get_clean();
    add_shortcode('hooky_shortcode', 'db_hook_inside_shortcode');

    You can then add the ‘[hooky_shortcode]’ shortcode inside your current hero where the grids are to be displayed.
    This will provide you a hook named: inside_hero_hook.

    2. You can now create other Block Elements for your Grids and Hook them into inside_hero_hook


    Ah, yeah, that snippet! Unfortunately, that defeats the purpose of what I am trying to avoid. I already have separate category header elements that contain the separate icon boxes so the solution would not be an improvement. Was hoping I could hook reusable blocks or GB local template blocks instead to keep things organized. I am happy to leave as is if it’s complicated.

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    My view was, you would either have:

    a. A Global Block Element + x Number of Local Templates – lets say 10 for arguments sake. So in total we have 1 + 10 ‘templates’

    b. A Global Block Element + 10 specific Elements – so thats still a total of 11 ‘templates’

    Which in comparision would be 1 more then you have today.
    So what am i missing – why would option a) be an improvement ?

    The Only other alternative i can think of is to use the Remove container condition on the container blocks and use the Post Meta option. You can then use a Custom Field to determine wether that container is displayed or not. But that will only work on Posts and Pages.


    Yeah, I get you. It’s just that option a. would have the blocks separated in their own custom post types instead and not mixed with the elements. Anyway, I think I am going to leave it like that. The better option would be to have ACF repeaters for each archive that would dynamically display the icon boxes. I dream that GB with the upcoming query loop would be able to achieve that in the future!

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    Yeah the ACF repeater method sounds like the better way to go and, not on initial release, but looping through meta is something we have planned for GB 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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