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    Jacks McNamara

    Hey there Tom –

    So I’ve had this issue multiple times when using Generatepress with BB. In order to allow for full-width page content in Beaver Builder, I’ve set my container (via the customizer) to one container, with 0 px padding. (the only way I can get full-width elements in BB if I have any padding set in Generatepress is if I use negative left and right margins on specific rows I want to be full-width in BB.) For any pages created entirely in BB, the 0 padding works out great – I can specify padding of each element as needed. An example on the current site I’m building is here.

    However, for any pages that were created in the native WordPress editor, everything is glued to the left side. Screenshot here. (The only reason the page title is not glued to the left is because I added

    .entry-title {
    padding-left: 6opx; 

    to the CSS.)

    This client has a number of pages I’ve imported from her old site that were created either in the native wordpress editor or in Visual Composer (boo). Is there a way that I can preserve the capacity to create full-width pages in Beaver Builder, while having pages built in the native wordpress editor not be totally squashed to the sides of the page?

    The staging site for the site I’m overhauling is https://robyn.rootandblossomdesign.com.

    GeneratePress 1.3.46
    GP Premium 1.2.96


    Shouldn’t need to do anything with CSS for full width with BB if you tick the Full Width box in the Page Builder Container meta box in WP page editor.

    Just tried it on a local install and it works “out of the box” πŸ™‚


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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