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    Okay, I’m new to GP and struggling with the best way to implement Full page Sections with snap points within this theme/framework. From what I can gather in scanning this forum it has been suggested that (aside from snap points), much of what I am looking for can be achieved by using Headers for each section.

    This doesn’t seem very elegant (since the entire site would be implemented in this way) and I don’t see how I would best achieve ‘snap points’ within the framework of GP.

    This illustrates a good example of what I am trying to achieve http://jsfiddle.net/swfour/hx7cuh96/7/. Any suggestions on how best to proceed?


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    GP Premium 1.5.6
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    You would need to build out the content using custom HTML/JS, and just add it into the content area using the Page Builder Container set to Full Width.

    GP is just the container to more complex inner layouts like this – it doesn’t have anything built in to make it a one-click type of thing.

    Let me know if you need more info πŸ™‚


    Thanks Tom. I think I get it. It may be too much to hope for, but it would be great to see some code examples of how others worked within the GP ‘framework’ to accomplish some more sophisticated layouts/behaviour.

    One question that comes to mind, is; given what I want to do, is there any sense using GP built in Sections or not, or will they just get in the way in this case? I really like the way they seem to organize the content providing high-level control over some elements of the design of each ‘section’ of the site, but … Apologies for basic questions, but I’m just looking for a way to quickly get up and running with the theme/framework to build some creative sites.

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    Not sure if there’s a lot of GP specific examples out there for this, but any example you find should be able to integrate into GP quite easily.

    You can absolutely use Sections, but it’s not completely necessary in a case like this. It’s up to personal preference I think. Gutenberg will likely making it even easier.

    Page builders like Beaver Builder and Elementor might be worth checking out as well πŸ™‚


    Thanks. I don’t want the overhead of a page builder, especially considering that I will need to make use of js. I’m looking forward to better browser support of scrolling CASE features.

    Looks like I will just work thru some trial and error. If I get stuck, I’ll be back for help


    Auto spell checker #&$#&!. Not CASE but rather – CSS

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    In GPP 1.6, we have a new smooth scroll feature you can turn on.

    Then you would need to build sections using 100vh for the height. That will create the full height sections.

    Each section would have an ID, which you could then link to using the smooth-scroll class.

    That would likely be the bulk of the work πŸ™‚


    Maybe this will help you:

    I’m trying to achieve the same thing as in this website: https://www.thibaultvanrenne.com/
    but it seems I’m not able to do it. If you succeed can you please share me the way you did it?



    Thanks … will do. And likewise, if you succeed first, please let me know.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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