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    Hi Tom,

    I have searched and tried to read a number of threads here about the footer, but didn’t really find my answer, or at least to my knowledge, I didn’t find it. I am wondering a couple things about the footer. I put one footer widget into the footer and made it a text widget. When I started typing, the type/widget was over to the left. I tried to use spacing to get it over to the middle, which seems to work well enough on desktop, but not the mobile view (btw, I am using the mobile views provided at the bottom of the customizer–I do not use a smart phone or tablet). Is there a better way to center one footer widget?

    Also, is there a way to center the title above the writing? The title is left-justified starting about where I put the widget. The text is semi-centered above the copyright information.

    Is it accurate that the footer and the section for the copyright are separate sections, or is the copyright actually part of the footer? Can the copyright section be customized in ways besides changing the text?

    Also, the footer seems much larger than I need it to be, but I can’t seem to make it much smaller (from top to bottom) with the spacing.

    Thanks, Tom!

    Customer Support


    – What is your Footer Widgets set at in Customier > Layout > Footer? If it’s set at 1 then it should be center automatically.

    – To center the footer widget title, try the following CSS:

    .footer-widgets .widget-title {
        text-align: center;

    Adding CSS: https://generatepress.com/knowledgebase/adding-css/

    – Footer and copyright are different sections. To style copyright section, check out Customizer > Typography > Footer and Customizer > Color > Footer. Other styles can usually be achieved with some simple CSS as well.

    – Try changing the numbers in Customizer > Layout > Footer > Footer Widget Area Padding.

    Let me know if this helps 🙂


    Thanks, Leo. I have that value you asked about set as 1.

    Thanks for the CSS. When I put it in, it definitely moved the Widget title, but it jumped off center to the right.

    I think something is up with my spacing in general, maybe because of my export/import I did. I started a different thread about that issue, maybe the two are related???

    I appreciate your help, Leo, and if I figure out what’s wrong in general with my spacing, I will try out the CSS again.

    Best to you…Meredith

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Not sure if the footer widget area will center automatically with 1 widget area, if not, the CSS is easy:

    .footer-widgets {
        text-align: center;

    If there’s weird spacing issues going on I’ll have to actually see the site to get an idea as to what’s going on 🙂

    John Hockley

    I have a question Tom.

    When customizing the copyright, I want to add an email link to the web Developer (myself)
    the editor says HTML is allowed, but when I save and refresh, the html is gone, and the mail us unclickable.

    here is the code I am using

    Copyright © 2016 Ceresensa. All rights reserved. <color: #FFFF00; a href=”mailto:jhockley@ceresensa.com”>contact Web Developer

    Jean Paiva

    Hey John,try this maybe work for you:

    Copyright © 2016 Ceresensa. All rights reserved. <a href="mailto:jhockley@ceresensa.com" style="color: #FFFF00; ">contact Web Developer</a>

    John Hockley

    That worked great, thank you Tom

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    That was all Jean 🙂

    Thanks for helping out, Jean!

    John Hockley

    Yes, sorry about that. Thank you Jean

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