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    After upgrading to WP 4.6, the font in the admin editor is suddenly Times Roman or something like that, instead of Open Sans.

    I tried default WP Twenty X themes and they show the theme fonts.

    Any ideas?

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    Hi there,

    WordPress 4.6 removed Open Sans completely and decided to stick with system fonts – it’s a good move for performance.

    GP doesn’t do anything to the Dashboard, I’m not a fan of changing core functionality.

    If you’d like to add your own font to the editor, you’ll want to look into the add_editor_style() function.


    Hi Tom,

    I’ve read about removing Open Sans support, and the reasons behind it. But actually my admin feels a bit slower after the upgrade. Not sure if the font change is related to that, or other upgrade related stuff. But, as you said, it is not related to GP.

    But the Times like serif font I have in my editor now does have some WP upgrade and theme related cause somehow. Themes like TwentyTwelve show a sans-serif font, but other themes like GP show a serif font now. So it’s not caused by GP in particular, but somehow since the WP upgrade some themes show their own fonts in the editor, and others (like GP) don’t. I don’t know why the serif font is used suddenly. It’s not my system font (I’m on Win 7).

    Anyway, I have looked into the add_editor_style() function as you suggested, and managed to get open sans in the editor. I like it much better than the new default situation. To get Open Sans back in the admin I used a plugin.

    I added add_editor_style('editor-style.css'); to functions.php and * {font-family:"open sans", sans-serif !important;} to a new file editor-style.css in my theme root.

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    Lead Developer

    Some themes add a font to the editor, especially if they only offer one font.

    Since GP offers hundreds of fonts, we can’t show the same font you’re using on the site in the editor.

    I might consider switching it to a more friendly font than the default.

    Glad you got it working using add_editor_style() 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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