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    Hi All,

    I followed this helpful ticket and was able to create a tab in a container that is fixed to the bottom of the browser but I’m having one issue with it.

    For background, I’m using the following:

    • GeneratePress child theme
    • GeneratePress Premium 2.1.1
    • GenerateBlocks 1.40
    • GenerateBlocks PRO 1.1.1

    Tab (Created with GenerateBlocks Pro)
    It was created using a simple container set to use the after_footer hook setting with a priority of 1000.

    The footer is an element that is used globally. The container is set to use the footer hook setting with a priority setting of 999.

    When scrolling down the browser window the tab works great. When it get down to the footer, it looks like the footer has a higher priority setting that the tab because the cursor cannot click the tab once down at the bottom. I just need the tab clickable when users scroll to the very bottom when the tab is over the footer.

    The URL to the site is included.

    Thanks much. -Mike

    Customer Support

    Hi Mike,

    Priority has nothing to do with z-index, so I don’t think the priority setting is needed.

    You just need to add z-index: 10; to the fixed-footer CSS.


    Doh! I wish I could blame it on it being a Monday. Good grief. Thanks Ying!

    Customer Support

    Haha, that must be the reason 😛

    You are welcome Mike!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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