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    Hello from Belgium,

    I need to build a new site providing access to (IP) content through a paid membership (PayPal).

    With GPP’s Blog plugin, I can show post teasers, which is fine for my visitors/guests. Only members should be able to “Read More”. How would you go about implementing this using GPP ?

    In today’s: 2018 state-of-the-art on WP-Themes-Plugins, considering GDPR compliance, selling digital products/content only, what would you recommend as essential plugins in my toolbox ?

    Would it make sense for me to setup Woocommerce integration or would that be overkill ? Is there a (free-mium) membership plugin you would recommend that works better with GPP than others ?

    Thx & BR,

    GeneratePress 2.1.2
    GP Premium 1.6.2
    Customer Support

    Hi Johan,

    the good thing is all well coded member plugins work well with GP. They generally come as a premium only option for the functions you seek. Some fremium options are available such as:


    The top two seem to be MemberPress and Restrict Content Pro. Both paid. The latter being from the same developer integrates out of the box with Easy Digital Downloads, which would be probably see you better than Woocommerce.



    There are lots of options to solve your problem.

    1. Are you aware that WP has an inbuilt capability to password protect any of your pages or posts. If you only have one level of membership then you simply need a Paypal payments plugin that has auto return email and you can include the WP page password in that email.

    2. WooCommerce is not an overkill and it is well coded. You will find it loads faster than most of the Membership plugins. There is a premium membership addon sold by Woo for WooCommerce.

    3. Coming at your problem from the reverse direction, Simple Membership plugin is free (and has ok reviews) and the author also sells a cheap addon to integrate it with WooCommerce (about $39 I recall).

    4. A simple, free and robust solution for multiple membership levels is to use the free Members plugin.

    Here are two good articles:

    Chris Lema

    Ren Ventura

    Kind Regards



    Thanks for your replies. One question remains though :

    With GPP, can I show the intro of posts on a page that is open to all and protect the actual full post ?

    Thx & BR,



    You can create a simple membership site with just these two plugins:

    1. Receive payments and send auto respond email with link to paid content and password

    Quick Paypal Payments

    2. Password protect specific sections of your page with shortcode (but still show intro):


    Kind Regards



    I recommend MemberPress, does all you want and a ton more but does cost. Works perfectly with GP.


    Restrict Content Pro is free to test from https://github.com/restrictcontentpro/restrict-content-pro.

    Personally, I use MemberPress to show all the content before the more quick tag to everyone and the full content to paid members.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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