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    I am having a problem getting a java script to load properly.

    Here’s the situation. I am using a platform called kajabi to host an online course and for some of my marketing and email automations.

    On their platform, I have created an opt in form (name and email). They give me java code. I want this form to be embedded in in a page on my WordPress site so that I can use the page link to generate the form.

    Kajabi gives two options — inline and pop up.

    The inline works but the pop up does not. Of course, I want to use the pop up.
    I have been able to get the inline to work using the hook method discussed on the forum (in the wp_footer) and just by adding the script through the script option.
    I can’t get the pop up to work.

    Just for additional information purposes, I am creating some text ads. At the end, I want to place the page link. When that is clicked I want the pop up opt in form to generate. And when that is filled out and then submitted for the next page to be the shopping cart.
    So any help you can give me to get this pop up to work would be greatly appreciated.

    I can supply the embed code if you need.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    What are the instructions to embed the popup version?

    When you say it doesn’t work, are there any errors? What if you right-click + Inspect the page and look in the “Console” tab? Anything in there?


    *Nothing* is happening. Like i mentioned, when i use the js embed code for the inline optin form, it works.
    but when i use the pop up option, nothing happens.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    is the code for the pop up added to the site ?
    If not can you add it and can you disable any cache plugins so ew cant take look.


    It is on the site. It’s on the page called, “opt in.” and it’s in draft form in elements as a hook called “2 step optin kajabi.”
    As for “cache plugins,” i don’t know what that is.
    If you want, i will give you my wordpress login and/or the kajabi embed code.
    thank you for your help with this!

    Customer Support

    Looks ok to me:

    You may want to ensure your browser cache is cleared and there are no browser extensions such as Ad Block or Javacript Blockers stopping it from displaying.


    Great! Thanks so much! I will check all that.
    I have another question related to this.
    I thought that what would happen is that just the form would appear, with no other part of the page.
    Will that form hover over whatever page is beneath it? Or will it only hover over this specific page?
    Let me ask another way — my intention is to put this link into a facebook post. when the person clicks the link, will the form hover over the facebook page or will it generate the wordpress page and hover over that?

    (BTW, thank you so much for your quick and expert attention to this. It is nice knowing that there is “someone” out there who cares and can help! 🙂

    Customer Support

    That Pop ups will appear over the content of the page that script is added to. So the FB link will take you to that page, with the popup overlayed.

    If you’re mainly funelling leads from external links ( eg. FB ) then you’re probably better off having a link to a nicely designed page that includes the inline Opt-in form.

    Save Pop-ups for internal links on your site.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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