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    I have a website with vanilla install of generatepress and wordpress both. And when I look the website in google page speed module. I see many render blocking resources. I wonder what is casing that and what is the way to reduce this?

    As you can see about 1.2 second of delay is being caused by these render blocking resources and in theory a vanilla install of generatepress should now have that issue.


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    Hi there,

    thats standard – aside from the Font Awesome font being loaded, not sure why thats appearing but go to Customizer > General and uncheck load Essential Icons to remove that.

    Once you completed a site build you can follow these optimization tips to combine CSS files if it is required:



    Thanks dave, I actually had to “check” load essential icons only and it improved the score.

    I have other sites using generate press and I noticed this load essential icons only feature is missing on there. I wonder what might have caused this?


    something really interesting happened just now, on the site I have mention in this thread.

    I tried to check the “combined css option” and the moment I checked the combined css option the “load essential icons only” option disappear and it wont come back even after I unchecked the “combined css option” this is really strange.

    Please check this snapshot. https://prnt.sc/rof5jt

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    This article explains:


    TLDR: when that option is checked and the site isn’t using FA Icons it removes itself and then uses the GP Icons. Which you can set to SVG to remove the generatepress.woff request.


    thanks Dave this is awesome. Further on this, I have enabled that svg option and I am looking at diagnostics section now and I see these things (snapshots).


    Is there any way for us to address this?

    Thank you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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