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    Would Elementor pro, Divi or something else compliment Generatepress for building multiple sites? I noticed on the Site Library there is a Beaver Builder, is something that is recommended? Thanks 🙂


    It always depends on your goal.

    But since you asked. Here is my answer: you want to wait another week or so and settle with GP & GB (https://generateblocks.com) without ever thinking about any “pagebuilder” again.


    Thanks for the reply. It would be to create multiple business websites. Is the generateblocks free?

    Customer Support

    ( thanks Phillip )

    Hi there,

    it really is down to personal preference and whether you’re used to working with one Builder or another.

    We personally recommend GenerateBlocks.
    Its a super lightweight builder that uses the core WordPress editor.
    You can do 90% of what a pagebuilder does without the ‘heavy’ amount of code a pagebuilder may install.

    If you check out the Site Library here:


    You will see the 12 most recent Sites added by Mike Oliver are all created using GenerateBlocks.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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