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    Hi guys,

    Please can you help me improve my shaky understanding of the blog posts setup and SEO.

    I’m working through the results in Website Auditor and I am finding that the blog is throwing duplicate title and description errors:



    My current WP setting is “Blog pages to show at most” = 20. I have been tinkering around, and if I set this to 50 (I currently have 43 posts I think) then the duplicate errors go away. That’s all well and good, but I assume when my posts exceed this number the same SEO issues will arise. Also, if I have 50+ posts displaying on the page I assume it will slow the page down a lot, which will have adverse effects on the page speed results. Is there a good practice way around this? I’m not sure how other blogs get set up and have not been able to find any info online to help me work it out (or at least, not info that I understand).

    I had a look in the Customizer area under Layout \ Blog and have set “Use Infinite Scroll” and “Use button to load more posts”. I am not sure what exactly is entailed with Infinite Scroll (I had a look in the documentation and could only see text saying activate/disable this feature), and if selecting Use Button interferes with it’s operation. Will the Infinite Scroll prevent a massive blog post payload for the main page (or archive page – I’m not sure of the exact terminology)?

    I hope what I am asking makes sense. I am having a bit of trouble formulating the questions! I basically want to get rid of duplicate title and duplicate description content for the blog, and do so without killing my blog page speed. Thank you for your help.


    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    check in Rank Math – theres probably an option for: Noindex Archive Subpages or something like that.


    Hi David, you’re right there is a setting for that here (in case anyone else using RankMath needs it!):

    Titles and Meta \ Misc Pages \ Noindex Archive Subpages

    And a couple of others that seem like it’s a good idea to enable:

    Titles and Meta \ Misc Pages \ Noindex Paginated Pages

    Titles and Meta \ Misc Pages \ Noindex Search Results

    Titles and Meta \ Misc Pages \ Noindex Password Protected Pages

    Customer Support

    Cool – thanks for sharing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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