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    Hi Tom,
    I am creating a new addtional website for a not-for-profit art organisation using Generate Press.
    Many of the members will find it easier if they can read printed out instructions.

    I have just installed a plugin, WP-Print, to make printable versions of a few pages.
    The instructions say this for a Custom Template:

    “WP-Print will load ‘print-css.css’, ‘print-posts.php’ and ‘print-comments.php’ from your theme’s directory if it exists.
    If it doesn’t exists, it will just load the respective default file that comes with WP-Print.
    This will allow you to upgrade WP-Print without worrying about overwriting your printing styles or templates that you have created.”

    The problem is that it is printing HUGE and Landscape! With no margins, even though I tried to set it diffently with the printer. I know the users will not be able to tweak it anyway so would like it to display a page that fits nicely on paper. It does remove unnecessary stuff neatly – e.g. the header and sidbars if present.

    I use a child theme in case of any customisation (very little needed)
    However I cannot find the relevant files when I look in theme editor of Generate press.

    Do they exist? If not, is print handled another way?
    I did find this topic in the forum but have no idea how to apply it:

    Not only that – I am very inexperienced when it comes to writing css from scratch (:
    I hope you can help,


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    Lead Developer

    It’s most likely the default style for WP-Print that you’re not liking.

    Do they have an option to disable the stylesheet?


    Hi Tom,

    Thank you and Sorry, Long time getting back.
    I have been experimenting with my slim knowledge of css and can now say what I have done.
    The solution might be useful for someone else – and they’ll probably do a better job of it:)

    Yes, you are right and I can override the default style of the plugin.

    The instructions were “WP-Print will load ‘print-css.css’, ‘print-posts.php’ and ‘print-comments.php’ from your theme’s directory if it exists.
    If it doesn’t exist, it will just load the respective default file that comes with WP-Print.”

    I thought it meant All of them. It seems that if a theme has any, not all, of those files the plugin will use it. It only uses the default if it has to.

    I assumed from your reply that those files don’t exist in Generate press. I couldn’t find them either.
    I assumed also that I can create the files and pop them in my child theme’s folder.

    I copied print-css.css into the child theme’s folder and modified it there.
    The modification (a smaller font mainly) worked with just that one file.
    Not very pretty yet:)
    But that is a solution. It would be nice if I could get it to match the theme style more closely but I don’t know where to look (to copy it).

    I’ll go and brush up on how to write css…

    One more thing – the landscape thing was no-one’s fault but my own. It was the middle of the night, I was dead tired and clicked the wrong button. Slap wrist.

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    Lead Developer

    Hi Christina,

    I wonder what the ideal look for the print template would be? I wouldn’t be against adding it to GP if I could make it mesh with the overall feel of the theme.

    Something to look in to for sure 🙂


    Hi Tom.

    Wouldn’t it be great to have it as part of the theme!
    No need for another plugin then:)

    As for the look, the very flexibility of the theme (lovely, Thank you!) makes it difficult to be specific, but since printers, here anyway, default to A4 size paper, I guess it would be good if the settings could make the font sizes shrink to fit comfortably for reading on that size without removing the formatting (Font, H1, H2 etc). Font might need a choice of nearest alternatives because not all web fonts print well, I believe.

    Might not need the American ‘letter’ size either, because the width is about the same, just a bit shorter and there’s no way you can specify height as that depends on the amount of content, and could run to several pages.

    It mainly has to take out extraneous matter such as headers and sidebars etc, and just print the content, and show a preview.

    My specific need is to be able to quickly create printable checklists and instructions (that are not pdfs).

    I managed it as described before by making the font size 12px throughout in the print-css.css file that I popped into the child theme. It looks ok and it fits on a page. ‘Nuff said.

    One problem I forsee: When will you get time to do such a thing? You spend so much time being supportive and helpful! Don’t Stop, it’s fantastic, and thank you for that.

    If you want to mark this as solved, I won’t mind.

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    Lead Developer

    Thank you for the great ideas, I really appreciate it!

    I’ll keep this in mind and if I find some time, I’ll do a little testing 🙂


    Was there any progress on being able to print a page of the web site (preferably as a PDF). If not, can you recommend a plugin to do the job?

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    Lead Developer

    There hasn’t been any progress on our end unfortunately.

    Do you have any examples of sites with a nice print option?


    I have found the Print-O-Matic to be very helpful. In the free version you can select what you elements you don’t want printed, add custom html at top and bottom of printed page and the best best part you can chose to load the plugin script only where the shortcode is used.

    Give it a try.

    Agressively support the kind of work you want to see. Buy it. Talk about it. Review it.


    Tom – you can look at this page, as they allow creating a pdf:

    Thank you for referral, Jamal.
    – Louie

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    Lead Developer

    Print-O-Matic looks great! Thanks, Jamal 🙂

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