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    Thanks as I could see several forum topics which are related to the forum post title added however, would be appreciated if you could provide some precise | concise documentation or help guide which squarely outlines how to achieve somewhat similar display type like seen in Slack blog – https://slackhq.com/

    Category blog page
    1) Showing custom category posts 3-4 from categories selected along with title
    2) Featured article shown “full width”
    3) Under “Transformation” category – One post shown in single column and two posts shown with less excerpt and stacked upon
    4) Under “Productivity” category – Shown in list type (horizontal mode)

    Looking forward to precise guidance which could help in clear guidance

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    that would require custom development to achieve that type of layout.
    The closest thing in regards to multi style display of posts is the Dispatch site in the Site Library:


    That site uses WP Show Posts and custom CSS to create the different arrangements. The site itself explains how it was built, so may give you some pointers on creating something similar.

    Also the current alpha version of the WP Show post plugin has a new Cards feature which makes some of those styles easier to match. You can see some demos here:



    Hi David

    Thank you for pointing in the right direction by providing precise demo link for wpshowposts – I think this should derive the purpose although it would be subject to how much customisation options and adding of additional CSS it supports. Will try and explore further

    One last query in regards to this forum topic – Can such demo layout options be created with basic version of wpshowposts or it is there primarily in pro version?

    Customer Support

    The Base one is what you get with the free version 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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