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    I deleted a favicon that was too many Kb’s and replaced it with a much smaller one, but the old favicon is still loading in GTMetrix:
    favicon loads in GTMetrix

    The strange thing is that the file is no longer on my site: https://robpowellbizblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/rpbb-favicon-48×48-1.ico

    Is it possible it is cached somewhere by GeneratePress?

    Thanks for your help.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    do you have any Page Caching on your server ? If so try clearing that and any plugin caches you’re using.


    Thanks for your reply.

    The problem is that although the favicon has been deleted from my site, the request is still being made in the source code of the page:
    favicon declared in source code

    Is this an issue related to GP?

    Can you give me any pointers on how to remove the request from my WP template?


    Customer Support

    Hi Rob,

    Can you tell us any details on how you’ve added the favicon? Is this link tag added manually?

    If it is manually added, we’ll have to look for the hooked linked tag and remove it.

    If it’s added through Appearance > Customize > Site Identity, removing it from there should’ve removed this.

    But considering what David said, it may be possible that your server (or a CDN) is serving a cached version of the page when you’ve added this. That said, consider checking this as well and purge them.

    A wise man once said:
    "Have you cleared your cache?"


    Hi Elvin,

    I removed the favicon in Appearance > Customize > Site Identity (i.e. in GP)

    As far as cached versions of the page, I’m running WP Rocket, but I’ve cleared the cache on that and Auto Optimize (I cleared the cache on that). I also asked my web host to clear the cloud cache for my website.

    Thanks for your help.

    Customer Support

    So i took another look and the link HTML isn’t the default what GP would output.
    Any other plugin, or function or hook element being used to output the favicon ?


    These are the plugins I have installed:

    installed plugins - 01

    installed plugins - 02

    The only GP element I’m using is ‘breadcrumbs’:

    GP element

    If I disable my plugins one by one, would I see a change in the source code that would let me identify the plugin that is causing the problem?

    Thanks for your help.


    The latest issue I’m having is that my favicon has now disappeared entirely from Google search results on mobile:

    favicon missing from Google Search

    The reason the favicon is missing is that I made an almost-empty favicon (2kb) as I couldn’t delete it (the source code for my website continued to make the HTML request from this favicon even after I had replaced the favicon in GP Customizer).

    After uploading the blank favicon, I then replaced my website favicon with a new one:


    (Note: I uploaded it as a .ico file but the system converted it to png)

    The problem is that my website is still called the old favicon (the one that is now blank and has only 2kbs). I can see this from the source code fro my website:

    source code

    So I’m back to the original problem: I can’t stop my website from requesting a favicon that I no longer want to use (initially I no longer wanted that favicon because it was 29kb and was adding a full second to my load time; now I no longer want it because it is blank and giving me blank favicon in Google search results).

    Can you think of any solutions?

    Thanks for your help.


    It’s okay – I think I’ve resolved it. I uploaded the new icon to the URL that wouldn’t go away. I’ll wait a few days to see if my favicon returns to Google search results for mobile.

    Thanks, no need for further assistance.

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