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    I really love GeneratePress, but I’ve encountered a weird situation I can’t find a work-around for.

    I’ll do my best to describe it here…

    First, I’m using the latest version of GeneratePress Premium with Elementor Pro. My default color scheme has a white background, so I selected a dark (black) site logo as the default image in the customizer.

    Even though my default color scheme is a white background with a black logo, my four main content pages all have full-screen images at the top. So, for each of those pages I’ve turned on the transparent header option and overridden the default black logo with a white logo that stands out better.

    Now here’s the weird thing… when I do a search on the site, the search page (that has a white background and should be using the default black site logo) comes up with the same white logo that I assigned to my four merged header pages. And, this only happens if I search for a keyword that has results. The “nothing found” page has the correct black logo.

    After a lot of trial and error, where I deleted and re-added my logo images, cleared all the theme settings and set them up again, etc., I found that a single page — my web design services page — is causing the issue. Whatever image I select to override the logo on that one page is what I will see on that page AND on the search results page.

    I’ve deleted my old web design page and re-created a new version from scratch, and the new page is exhibiting the exact same behavior. I’m basically out of ideas at this point and hoping you might have some idea what’s going on. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with caching, because my localhost installation, where I first encountered this issue, doesn’t have any caching plugins installed.

    I hope this makes sense. You can try it out by going to:
    Then do a search for a keyword like “test”. You’ll see logo on the search results page header is white (on white background) when it should be using the default black logo. However, if you search for a keyword that doesn’t exist on the site, like “qwerty”, you’ll see the logo on the “nothing found” page is the black version, as it should be.


    GeneratePress 1.3.48
    GP Premium 1.3.1

    After some more testing, I believe the problem wasn’t the web design page itself. If I delete that page, then the logo of the next page is used on the search results page. And, if I delete that page, then the next remaining page’s logo is used. So it has something to do with the “Page Header”->”Logo”->”Overwrite your site-wide logo/header on this page” setting in general. You can still reproduce the problem by visiting the link above and then doing a search for “test” and a search for “qwerty”.


    I did a clean WordPress install on localhost and created a single page with a custom logo and was able to reproduce this behavior. If I then create another page and don’t override the logo on that second page, then the search results page will display the correct/default site logo in the header. So, it appears the search results page (and possibly others) are grabbing whatever logo is assigned to the most recently published page, and if the most recent page has no override logo set, then the search results page will display the default site logo. Is this a bug or is it the intended behavior? And is there a better workaround than creating a new dummy page with no custom logo defined?

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    Lead Developer

    Interesting – I will play with this tomorrow and will update you πŸ™‚


    Great thanks!

    BTW, after playing with it some more and adding pages with different logos, the image in the search page header is the logo associated with the first item in the results list.

    I created a bunch of pages called “logo1”, “logo2”, “logo3” etc., each with a different custom logo. Then I searched for the keywords “logo”, “logo3”, “logo2”, and “logo1” separately and got a different header logo with each search.

    For example:

    Search Results for: logo
    logo3 <------------------ the logo on this page gets used
    another logo 3
    another test logo page
    logo test

    Another example:

    Search Results for: logo1
    logo1 <------------------ now the logo on this page gets used
    logo test
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    Lead Developer

    Can you try using GPP 1.4 beta? The Page Header add-on has been re-written, so I want to see if this issue still exists (as I can’t reproduce it): https://docs.generatepress.com/article/beta-testing/

    What changed: https://vimeo.com/223381628


    Thanks! I’ll try it out


    Nice! It’s working correctly with the beta version installed. This isn’t a super high priority. I can wait for the official release. I was initially concerned something might have become corrupt in the database. Anyway, thanks again!

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    Lead Developer

    Good news! Thanks for testing πŸ™‚

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