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    Hi Tom,

    I was working on my dev site this day and turned on debugging in WordPress – As these debug files are moste of the time empty I got one when I import the JSON file using GeneratePress to import all settings.

    These settings do not contain any elements or GP sites, just some infor from all the options changed in WP Customizer.

    I also must note that sometimes it does not seem to remember the settings for all meta data for posts.

    All settings expoert perfectly but if I e.g. do not want to show the date or author below every post headline in the meta data and I remove the checkboxes and than export the JSON again – After a new sit has been setup it will not keep these settings (they are still checked as active) Maybe this happends only on my setup of course but tought you liked to know this.

    Here is after I import all settings what is written to my debug.log file under /wp-content/

    [27-May-2019 00:22:02 UTC] PHP Notice: Only variables should be passed by reference in C:\Xampp\htdocs\development.dev\wp-content\plugins\gp-premium\import-export\functions\functions.php on line 234

    Hope this helps.




    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    After a new sit has been setup it will not keep these settings (they are still checked as active)

    That’s strange – is the “Blog” option checked when you’re doing the export? Are you 100% sure the correct export file is being imported? I’ll give it a test today ๐Ÿ™‚


    Hi Tom, Yes everything is selected for export besides – Elements and Sites and Woocommerce (not installed)

    I have tested it today again and removed all checks from all featured post options and also clicked on save while on this screen in the customizer.

    Then go straight to GeneratePress options and click on Export.

    For a new site use exact same options in settings, same plugins, same everything and Import.

    After using WP for so long this is my exact routine for every new site:

    1) Login
    2) Set Permalinks
    3) Go to reading check to make sure google is blocked while building a site or open if ready for bot visits
    4) Go to plugins and activate WP Options Importer plugin
    5) Go to tools and run options importer

    (Now I look for my JSON file build from the last build site that had all my options, I strip out all data but keep plugin specific data in the array)

    6) Import all plugin options and my special sidebar with image that I made for this website
    7) Back to plugins now I activate all, there are no popups or data to change as my settings are now in the database.

    Finally time for GeneratePress….

    8) Go to appearance and GeneratPress
    9) Do not press any buttons, I did sometimes check if the import would be different if I at this stage first check all the features I need to have activated, but it does not seem to make any difference and these will be activated once the JSON file is imported.

    So, find JSON file on PC and Import it.

    10) Now go to Menu and create a new menu add menu items you like to have and press save
    11) Go to menu location and select the first option for primary and select the menu created and press save

    Done !

    Open site and see if all layout and things look perfect. It does 100% – My title tag is upper LEFT and small and the menu is aligned more to the middle of the header as it was 10 px off with 40% or 40 px.

    It can be hard to align the title with the menu items in the center of this header. I made the header top and bottom 4 px and the rest left of 40

    But when I zoom in using chrome the alignment is gone… so I need to make sure the px are setup correctly.

    I made my title smaller to have it nice align with the menu items…. a small header seems to work good for UX.

    Now I have my main page set to homepage and I have a sidebar on the right with a image plus introduction text.

    Footer items are set to 0 as they are not used at this moment.

    The footer bar I created with a function to show links to privacy, disclaimer and terms of service.

    Check in responsive design with Firefox and Chrome and all looks good – H1 needs to be smaller but that is easy as you made the options very good!

    So now when I go to Layout and go to blog… the blog page is not build yet but in draft mode as there are no articles made yet, just default pages.

    For the post page or the overview page, blogroll the options are not ticked. All options are off for featured (why I do this? Because it does not look great on iPad and mobile and yeah I just like a cleaner look)

    But why do I remove them for articles? Because otherwise Yoast SEO gives schema errors as they need a featured image in every post.

    I understand but I do not like that.

    And there is only one Theme that can hide these images but still have accepted code. No idea if this is against google rules for schema and image but for now is best to have it off.

    Your theme is so customizable that I can just turn featured image of and have no errors in Yoast SEO.

    But yeah… the post author and the rest of the meta options are still there and will not go away.

    I could do a test and create a dummy post and then export the settings, maybe it will pick the setting up? No idea.

    P.S Please make it possible to edit a post in this forum… if that option is possible. edit: Sorry I see the option to edit it! : )

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Strange – thanks for the info!

    I’ll do some testing and will get back to you ๐Ÿ™‚



    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    I just tested this and couldn’t reproduce the issue.

    Here’s what I did:

    1. Created a fresh WP install with GP and GPP.
    2. Set a bunch of Blog module options (de-checked options, changed featured image options)
    3. Exported my settings
    4. Reset my GP settings so my Blog module options were gone
    5. Imported my settings

    All of my Blog module settings came back once I imported the file.



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