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    I had a problem yesterday when I updated plugins and WooCommerce had an error I then re-installed.
    Now it seems to work, except the button colors, they have a different color than I see in the admin dashboard in Customizer.
    In the customizer the buttons are green. But on the website they are grey.

    When I change the button colors in Customizer > Colors > WooCommerce, it does not change.
    What could be the reason, do I miss something?

    Thank you.


    Leo Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Are you referring to these buttons?

    The code is showing that it’s using #666666 in the customizer. Is this not the case?

    Any caching plugins or server cache?




    Yes I mean those buttons. Im not using cache plugin, in Customizer preview they are green, whichbis correct. When changing the colors to anything, it does not change in preview or live site.

    View post on imgur.com


    Leo Customer Support

    When something works in customizer preview and not on live site, it’s usually a caching issue.

    Are you using a child theme by any chance?



    Yes Im using a child theme.
    I already deleted the browser cache. But not sure about wordpress cache.


    Leo Customer Support

    Can you test with a parent theme and see if that works?

    Let me know 🙂



    Yes sure, by just activating the parent theme?

    When I activate back to child theme, will all the settings in customizer be lost?


    Leo Customer Support

    Nope no settings will be lost.



    I have activated the parent theme, tested customizer, its the same as with child theme. It shows green buttons but on website they are grey.

    If its a caching issue, is there a way to delete wordpress cache?


    Leo Customer Support

    Can you send me the dashboard access to have a quick look with all other plugins disabled preferably?

    You can send the dashboard access using Account Issue here:

    Please include the following information:
    – The URL of this topic.
    – Login URL.
    – Username and password.




    I just created a user for you to login to send it, but then since you said “preferebly disabled plugins”, I just noticed that there was the inactive plugin https://hr.wordpress.org/plugins/christmas-panda/ which I dont need and deleted now and just then the buttons turned into green!

    Very strange, becausse a long time when this plugin was active, there was no problem. Since a few days I deactivated that plugin and the issue was still there. Only by deleting the buttons turned green. Very strange. All started when I had a white screen by updating and woocommerce had an issue.

    Thank you anyways since I guess I needed that idea when you said “deactivated plugins” and now I was so lucky I found on my first try that I tried the right plugin 🙂

    best regards


    Leo Customer Support

    Glad you were able to figure out!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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