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    Is there a way to set the width of the left sidebar to less than 15%?

    I am trying to create “skinny posts” and setting the left sidebar and the right sidebar to 15% each almost does the trick. Each sidebar has a dummy entry comprising of

    However the main content of the post is too “skinny”.
    Left sidebar: 15% – Post Content: 70% – Right sidebar: 15%
    I want to try changing to: Left sidebar: 10% – Post Content: 80% – Right sidebar: 10%

    However the customizer will not let me set the sidebar width to less than 15% (it uses a slider than starts at 15%).

    Or is there another way to do this?


    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Any chance you can link us to the site in question?

    You can use the private information field:

    Let me know ๐Ÿ™‚


    I am hoping that this would be a quick one from your point of view.

    Maybe I overlooked some padding value somewhere – I just cannot find it.

    If you find you are spending too long on this, put it “on hold” and I see if I can come up with a different approach.

    The width of both sidebars is configurable inside Customizer, ranging in value from 15% to 50% (in increments of 5%).
    If those values could start at 5% it would have sorted this.

    My Website and content etc is a work in progress.

    -> Used GeneratePress to create the page hero
    -> Used GeneratePress to create the footer

    My laptop screen size is about 345mm (top left to top right)

    The actual post content is a bit narrow when using left sidebar (15%), post content and right sidebar (15%)

    Where the post content starts, on my screen (left side from screen edge to content (the other day….) is about 85mm.
    Content width is about 172mm, edge of content on right to screen edge is about 88mm (including the right hand side scolling)

    When using no sidebars, the post content is really too wide for a comfortable read.

    I am basing my look on a third party website which is also using GeneratePress. (see private areaO

    He seems to have managed to get the post content in the middle better.

    Their measurements on my laptop are about:
    82mm, 177mm, 85mm

    Mine are
    85mm, 172mm, 88mm

    I have looked at various padding values inside of Customizer but no joy.

    I used the marketer generatepress look inside of GeneratePress years ago when using gp in the beginning.

    I don’t think the third party website used any of those and built its site from scratch recently.

    Customer Support

    I believe this is the answer you are looking for:

    Also, the unit of mm is not used in websites.


    Thanks. That sorted my problem.

    Customer Support
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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