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    Right now I’ve come full circle from another post on this forum, as I have ditched the Elementor navbar and am using GP-s own. Also, I uploaded my font as per your guidelines, and it loads for the Primary Nav on every page except “Blog/News”.

    Is there a rather simple fix or do I have to approach this in some other way?


    GeneratePress 2.1.2
    GP Premium 1.6.2

    David Customer Support

    Hi Alo,

    have you tried deleting the autoptimize cache?
    If it still persists can you leave autoptimize off and let us know.



    Hey David,

    Yeah turning off autoptimize and ansync JavaScript didn’t work. Will turn them back off in 5 minutes.



    David Customer Support

    Sorry we missed this topic. Just drop us an update here so me, Tom or Leo can have a look.



    Something like this? 🙂


    David Customer Support

    Hi Alo,

    check your fontface CSS doesn’t look like you have the expressed the absolute path to them. Try adding the full URL to the src.

    Let me know



    Hei David, sorry for the long delay. I tried adding the full URL though (haven’t re-enabled Autoptimize yet either), and no game, still doesn’t load for the blog posts index page or single post pages.

    Any other ideas? :/


    Tom Lead Developer

    Trying to find where you’ve defined @font-face but can’t. Your child theme CSS file is empty?

    Let me know 🙂




    Currently I have added it to the customizer CSS section. Should I add it to the child theme CSS file instead? I thought these two were essentially the same until now.

    Thanks for digging in though!


    David Customer Support

    Hi Alo

    the standard rules are to add the fonts and the CSS to the child theme. Can you give that a shot?



    Hi David,

    Tried, added the css with full URL to the child theme’s style.css file via editor. No game :/


    David Customer Support

    Where are you’re font files? Are they in the child theme fonts folder?



    Nope, the Uploads folder. Is that a big no no?

    EDIT: I also put the ttf file in the child theme fonts folder (didn’t have it originally) also and changed the URL in the css in the child theme style.css. Still not loading on the blog index and single post pages :/ Other page ok, as before though.


    David Customer Support

    I can only see the font in the Uploads folder, no font folder in the child theme?
    If you can add them to the child theme / fonts folder and remove them from the attachments.



    Yeah, just did that, now it’s not displaying anywhere…

    EDIT: Okay, after adding the updated URL to Elementor Custom fonts as well, it is again showing on other pages/headings. Still nothing on the blog pages though.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)

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