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    Dear Generatepress-support,

    first, the theme/plugin is incredible. I got a 98 page score (desktop) and the design-process with the block editor was smooth and relatively easy and innovative.

    There are two things I couldn’t solve myself:

    1. How can I take use of the %current_year% feature in the footer (I don’t mean the copyright section, just the footer in the elements section) I tried to embed it as a short code, which was not working. In another forum post I found this solution: <?php echo date (‘Y’); ?>, but that wasn’t working either.

    2.1 When you are at the home page, you see that ‘HOME’ is red because it’s the page we are on. However, ‘SERVICES’ is red here too. When we are on the ‘ABOUT’ page, ‘SERVICES’ isn’t red anymore. – I guess I know why it is like this: SERVICES is on the same page as HOME, but you need to scroll down to get there. I used anchor links (URL+anchor) to solve it, but then ‘SERVICES’ gets red when it shouldn’t be red. When I use only the anchor #, the ‘SERVICE’ button obviously does not work when I am on another page – but then the ‘SERVICES’ wouldn’t be red when you are at ‘HOME’. – It’s a little confusing, hope I could explain it well enough. I also made a video that is attached privately. Hope it can be solved so ‘SERVICES’ is only red when you click on it and still can stay an anchor link on the ‘HOME’ page.

    2.2 There also is a slightly other navigation color issue in the Off Canvas Panel (mobile view only). As seen in attached picture, there is a very thin (black?) line beside ‘SERVICES’. Maybe because it’s a drop-down-menu, I maybe set something up wrong.

    Thank you so much in advance and have a great day!



    You can add the year to your footer with inline JavaScript.
    <script>var currDate = new Date(); document.write(currDate.getFullYear()); </script>

    Customer Support

    Hi Jan,

    1. This should help:

    The add_shortcode function can be added using one of these methods:
    Adding PHP: https://docs.generatepress.com/article/adding-php/

    2. Can you open a new topic for the separate question? Let’s handle one question per topic:



    Mike thank you very much!

    And Leo thank you too, I’m sorry, I missed that. Will open another one!

    Customer Support
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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