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    Hi! I usually set the logo through the customizer without cropping and have never had a problem with GeneratePress but this time I used the same image I had used for the favicon as a logo and cropped it and now the logo is not showing.
    When I look in the source code it seems the srcset is malformed. Does the theme create that? WP itself? Turning off all the plugins didn’t change anything.
    Does anyone have any advice or insight for me?
    Would love to hear.

    Thank you!


    Leo Customer Support

    HI there,

    Have you fixed this?

    I can see the logo now:

    Please disable WP Super Minify plugin if you need further help with this.




    Hello Leo, thank you for taking a look.
    You’re right it’s working in Chrome!
    It’s still not working in Firefox though. At least for me. I’ve emptied my cache.
    I’ve disabled the WP Super Minify plugin.
    Any suggestions are welcome!



    Leo Customer Support

    Just tested in FireFox and it’s working for me as well:

    Maybe there is a browser conflict? Can you try incognito/private mode?

    Do you happen to have another device to test?



    Thank you for helping me. You’re right, it’s just my browsers.
    Disabling all browser plugins, restarting etc doesn’t seem to help, private mode didn’t help either.
    So I don’t know but just tested it on browserstack and on a Mac and it works there.
    Sorry for not doing that before and wasting your time.
    I wish I understood it but at least I can work around it.

    Thank you!


    Leo Customer Support

    No problem at all!

    Good to make sure the browser version is up to date etc 🙂



    Yeah, thank you, it is. It’ll hopefully work itself out eventually. 😊
    Thank you! 👍


    Leo Customer Support


    Just to update: It turns out that the logo not showing up in my Firefox was fixed by setting the retina logo as well. That’s not something I usually do and I’m not sure why it fixed this, but it did.


    Leo Customer Support
Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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