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    what would be the best way to get a consistent height and with on a page ?

    I’m having issues on each page on my website and struggling to get it consistent

    would i be better using margin or padding ? some times the margin is automatically set for example (40,0,0,0) and other times its all set to 0

    i mainly have this issue in mobile but i think that’s because it stands out more on this

    any help appreciated


    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    so i checked the /about and the /hospitality-and-leisure page to see the differences.

    Both pages are built with a parent GB Container Block.
    /about has 20px margin ALL round in the container spacing
    /hospitality-and-leisure has 40px Top Margin in the container spacing

    Personally i would remove the margins, and just add consistent Padding.
    Padding keeps the spacing within the Container.
    Whereas margins creates space outside of it – so you introducing gaps between elements and the browser edges… which means body background colors if different to the Container background will show through


    Thanks David,

    some of the margin stuff is greyed out but has a number there, should i 0 them all out ?

    what would you recommend as a good padding number

    Customer Support

    If you’re on the tablet or mobile previews when editing the styles – the greyed out numbers are the values its inheriting from the desktop or tablet.

    I would suggest fixing the Desktop spacing and first remove any Margins – delete the values or set them to 0.
    Then add padding, for Desktop 40px is good, and for mobile you may want to reduce it down to 20/30px


    thats great david,

    what would you say for text sizes as i have the same issue with this



    Customer Support

    I generally stick to 17px for the Body font for both mobile and desktop. Unless the particular font dictates a smaller or larger size.
    And where possible avoid setting those sizes in the block editor for your regular text/headings instead manage them in the Theme.


    Thank you

    Customer Support
Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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