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    I have a client that would like to have a background image in the content area on just one page. I have “Backgrounds” installed and when I go to Appearance > Customize > Background Images > Content, I can select the image needed; however, it replicates on every page.

    Is there a way around this to where I can still change the colors and possible images on the home page vs. a contact page, for instance?

    Thank you in advance, absolutely love premium.


    Hi Joe,

    One way is to use Tom’s fantastic plugin Simple CSS:


    In addition to adding a CSS area in the Customizer as well as a standalone CSS editor area (Appearance > Simple CSS) it also adds a CSS meta box for each page/post where you could add the following to provide a background image for the content area for just that page:

    .entry-content {
        background: #ff3300 url("URL_TO_THE IMAGE");

    Note that the color is the fallback color should the image become unavailable; set to whatever you want/need 🙂


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    Worked like a charm!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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