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    I am trying to rebuild my website through GP which is originally in Divi.

    I am currently in confusion on how to make my posts pages better. I have added the link in the private area for you guys to check.

    1. I have added my original post which is still on divi. As you can see in the title, I have made the title part (The white box move a bit down in divi)
    In GP I am not able to move the container which is inside another container. How can I do that? (Build with Hero block)

    2. In the post area, I am not understanding how it works. In divi I had created a post template template and any content I add in classic editor would take that form. In here I see that it works same way, but in the classic editor, do i need to add content in container or just post it normally?

    3. As you can see in original post, in the side I have a TOC. Is there a way to add it here? I am confused how the layout works.
    In customizer>Layout>container , I have set the width to 1600 px. Based on changing that I see that it only affects the post in middle. But still the post is moved to one side (left) as you can see in the link and I don’t know how to add a sidebar or anything I need in the other side.
    Sorry, I tried to search for it in youtube and could not find any videos to help.

    Thank you

    Customer Support

    1. You can add gradient to the GB-container:

    set direction to 180, color one to the cream color, stop position at 80% , color two to a transparent color or white, stop position at 80%.

    2. You should NOT be using classic editor anymore if this is a fresh install, as WP already stopped supporting it.

    You can use block element - content template to build a template for your sing post, then in the post editor, you just need to add text.


    Is there a way to add TOC here

    You need a TOC plugin for it, then add it to your sidebar. To add widgets to sidebar, go to appearance > widgets.

    You can choose your sidebar layout (left sidebar/ right sidebar/ both sidebar/no sidebar) at customizer > layout > sidebar.


    Hey. Thanks for the reply.

    1. That was a brilliant solutions. Worked really well 🙂

    2. No I am not using classic editor. I just checked out block element – content template, I see that it just opens the page where I need to put what? For example, when doing Hero header or Footer using block element, I was able to create something static and dynamically assign title or whatever needed so it can take those in.
    For post template what I should put? as each post changes..

    PS: No I am not asking how to create blog section template. I want to know how to create a post template. Actual posts.

    3. Everything is set, but nothing appears. Will attach a screenshot in private info. I also checked post page to see I have not disabled. What if I want to add my own block in the side with related post or recent post ?

    Customer Support

    2. It’s the same thing as create template for blog. You create your post template, assign post > all posts as its location.

    To get the post content and featured image, you can use the dynamic blocks:

    3. Yes, your sidebar is there, but no content in the sidebar.
    As I said in my last reply, you can go to appearance > widgets to add widgets to the right sidebar.

    Or you can use a block element, select hookas element type, choose before_right_sidebar_content orafter_right_sidebar_content as hook name.

    If you don’t want to use widget at all, you can set the block element type to right sidebar, you can build your own sidebar with blocks, it will replace the default right sidebar.

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