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    Hi GeneratePress Team,

    Okay I’ve been having some pretty serious conflicts with ThriveLeads. My developer and I opened a ticket about this previously that more or less resulted in me having to contact ThriveLeads. They’ve created a test site on their end using GP and everything loads fine so for some reason, my setup of pages is breaking the site.

    I’ve cleared all caches, reverted back to a basic theme, and disabled all plugins and have confirmed that the conflict occurs when ThriveLeads and GeneratePress are on using my pages.

    As you can see, the home page is broken here:

    And then this page that I’ve built works fine for some reason:

    Browser Unlock
    Username: dev
    Password: dev

    Customer Support

    Hi Nick,

    Have you tried disabling other non-GP plugins to check if another plugin may be causing this? Or is it just Thrive Leads?

    Can you try giving all GB Image Blocks a 100% width and an Object-fit of cover to test? Example: https://share.getcloudapp.com/KounGEZG



    As my previous ticket says, I disabled all plugins and tried everything.

    Please login and feel free to do your own testing.

    I really need this to work. I’ve been back and forth with GP and Thrive for 2 weeeks now.

    Thanks for your help


    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    we can take look if you want to provide an admin login, you can share those details in the Private Information area.


    Login info added to the private section

    Customer Support

    Very odd. Just to cover what i have done so far:

    I installed the Query Monitor plugin just so i could see what was going on.
    It reported that the Home Page was missing the generate-styles and generate-child stylesheets.
    But there were no network errors relating to the missing styles. So Query Monitor must see the dependencies although the styles have been dequeued(?).
    NOTE it also reported a deprecated PHP warning for the SEO automatic links, which us something the plugin developer should resolve but is not related.

    I disabled all the plugins aside from Thrive, GPP and GB and the child theme and the issue persists.
    Switching theme to twenty23 there was no issue with the theme styles being loaded.

    So i then tried changing the title of the current homepage, in case there were some messed up redirection and that did not change a thing.
    But then i changed the homepage to a different static page, and that loaded correctly. I tested a few other pages at random and most of those also loaded correctly. One page for example that also was missing the stylesheets was the one titled: Blogging

    My current thoughts are there is an issue with the page itself. How was the original homepage constructed ?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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