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[Resolved] Compatability issues on different tablets and website speed

Home Forums Support [Resolved] Compatability issues on different tablets and website speed

Home Forums Support Compatability issues on different tablets and website speed

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    I hope can kindly have a look a my site and take time to help me with the following 2 questions:
    1. Pages display differently of different size tablets
    2. Site speed
    My site is nearing completion of my first website developed with the latest pro-versions of Generate Press and Elementor. The site is newfw.quitewrite.nl.
    The credentais can be supplied on request

    1. RE: Pages display differently pn different size tablets
    One thing that really bugs me is that pages display differently on different tablets.Specifically on the pages newfw.quitewrite.n/managementsupport and newfw.quitewrite.nl/fondsenwerving the recommendation widgets at the bottom of each page display differently. While I’m pretty certain that all the settings for both recommendation widgets are the same over dispaly, tablet and mobile settings.
    Now here’s the thing:
    On a Galaxy Tab S2 (8 inch 1536×2048 4:3) tablet when viewed in landscape mode the recommendation widgets on the /fondsenwerving page are displayed nicely side-by side and on the /managementsupport page the recommendation widgets are displayed below each other.
    Testing on a Galaxy Tab 10.1 (10.1 inch 2560×1600 16:10) the widgets on both pages are displayed correctly side by side. This is also the case on my 1920×1080, 1280×1024 and 1366×768.

    2. RE: site speed
    My site is too slow 🙁
    GTMetrix gives me:
    I’m using smush and W3 Fastest Cache.
    Homepage (Thuispagina): B (82%) YSlow C (74%) Fully loaded 4.6s TotalPage Size 1.80Mb Requests: 92 Biggest issues: Defer parsing of JavaScript, optimize the order of styles and scripts, etc
    Fondsenwerving: F (46%) YSlow C(78%) Fully loaded 3.7s Total Page size 1.82Mb Requests: 57. Biggest issues: Serve scaled images, defer parsing javascript, optimize the order of styles and scripts, etc.
    Managementsupport: A (91%) YSlow (78%) Fully loaded 2.8s Total Page size 513Kb Requests 55.
    The oucomes for Pagespeed Insights are even worse.
    While there are obviously things that I can address, as a newby there seem to me to be issues which I cannot control because they are inherent to the design of Elementor/GP like deferring javascript and removing Javascript and CSS above the fold. Further than using W3 fastest cache I don’t have a clue.
    Best wishes,
    Jan de Boer

    GP Premium 1.5.6
    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    1. It looks like you’re content is built using Elementor, so you’ll likely need to bring it up with them. Responsive design use breakpoints to change layouts – so it’s likely the different tablets have different screen sizes, which in turn changes the layout.

    2. In GTMetrix, click on the “Waterfall” tab. This tab breaks down the entire page element by element and shows you what’s taking the longest to load. In your case there’s a couple SVG images and an MP4 video which are loading slowly.

    The GP icons are also taking 2 seconds to load, but the file is only 3kb. This likely means there’s some sort of issue going on with your hosting company. 1s/kb is very slow.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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