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    Forms are stylized with some CSS and the plugin Colors help for easy customisation. But the Select element is juste ignored. I think it is an oversight Tom.

    For the moment i add this code to my css file :

    select {
        color: /* my hexa color */;
        border-image-source: initial;
        border-image-slice: initial;
        border-image-width: initial;
        border-image-outset: initial;
        border-image-repeat: initial;
        box-sizing: border-box;
        max-width: 100%;
        background:  /* my hexa color */;
        border-width: 1px;
        border-style: solid;
        border-color:  /* my hexa color */;
        border-radius: 0px;
        padding: 10px 15px;

    It work but I need to update file according to the Form part of the Color plugin.

    Tell me if I’m wrong.

    Thanks a lot

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    Select inputs usually aren’t styled the same as buttons or text inputs, and some browsers/operating systems completely ignore any select styles (iOS).

    I’ll play with it, but I don’t think it will get pushed to core unless I can make it look good 🙂



    Thanks for your message.
    But I’m not totaly agree with you, for desktop use of course ;-).

    I have some exemples of styled select that work well :
    Yahoo Purecss => http://purecss.io/forms/#stacked-form
    Twitter Bootstrap => http://getbootstrap.com/css/#selects

    If a form has Selects between Inputs with a different style is not very pretty.

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    Lead Developer

    Those look good, but what if your buttons were red? Would your select be red?


    If buttons are red it doesn’t meen that all inputs are red.
    In your plugin “Colors > Form” you have made a distinction between buttons and the others control. I think select is one of these other control.

    I thought it was a bug. But if your design there are no worries I can manually add CSS and I respect your choice. You’re the boss 😉

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    You make a good point, I’ll definitely play around with it 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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