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    I have two questions…

    1. How/where do I get a child theme for the beta/alpha build (3.0) as I want to make sure my sites work nicely when I upgrade to 3.0

    2. I posted before about some header / navigation limitations and we’ve ran into some more again.

    – It would be nice if there was an native option to add a gradient background / transparent background to the header section.

    – It would be nice if there was an option to change the size of the logo just the same as you can for the sticky navigation.

    – It would be nice to be able to change all of the appearance of the sticky navigation, for example if you have a look at the site in the “private information” section of this post you will see that the appearance of the menu on initial load the logo is contained but left aligned, the navigation is positioned to the right.

    On scroll, we would like to be able to reduce it by 50%~ so it looks like:

    Currently on scroll it’s looking like:

    On other sites, we’d like to have the exact same header/navigation on desktop as we scroll down the page but have a different reduced size header on mobile.

    – Sticky On/Off doesn’t do anything if “Sticky Navigation” is enabled

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    1, This doc contains a link to our starter child theme – it doesn’t matter which version of the Theme it is used with:


    2. Gradient Backgrounds – we don’t get much call for them in the header and what is a few lines of CSS would require a big bunch of code to create the UI in the Customizer. Which we try to avoid. However, as Block Elements evolves and WP Core introduces the Navigation Block you will be able to create Custom headers with these styles and more using the Block Editor

    3. Transparent headers can be created using the Header Element using the Site Header Merge with Content feature:


    4. Navigation Logos are defined by the height of the Menu Item height. But we are looking at more controls for independent sizing that currently rely on a little CSS. Let us know is you need assistance with that.

    5. The Sticky Navigation inner container width is defined by the Customizer > Layout > Primary Nav where you can set the Inner Container to Contained. For sticky nav transitions we recommend that the Customizer > Layout > Site Header —> Navigation as Header is enabled. This will keep things aligned.

    6. You can use the Mobile Header option:


    It has its own logo and sticky navigation options.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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