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    as a real beginner I’ve created my WP Website without using a child theme. Now I want to Change this before installing the latest update of GeneratePress, as I’m afraid that my changes will be gone after the Update.
    Is there any way to convert my existing Website to a Child Theme so that all the changes I’ve made are stored in the Child Theme?


    Roberto Enrique

    There shouldn’t be any problem if you update your Generatepress Theme, always if you did not modified any core file.

    If your modifications were only at the level of the customizer settings then you can update without problems.

    But if you’re a wise person, you know you need to have your backup at hand in case everything goes wrong.

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    Regarding the Child theme, if you create a blank one following this instructions https://generatepress.com/forums/topic/how-do-you-make-a-child-theme/ you shouldn’t lose any customizer settings (that has been my experience) but you’ll probably need to reassign the menus and widgets


    Hi Roberto
    thanks for your answer. Of course I’ve made a backup from my database with myAdminPHP and from the whole Website with ftp. Additionally I have exported everything with the Import/Export Add-On.
    But to be honest I’m not shure if I have made some changes in the Templates and the Stylesheets? So this could be a Problem if I update the Theme. I could compare them to the original Files but I don’t have theme anymore. Any idea?

    Roberto Enrique

    You can ask Tom for a copy of the GP theme with the version you’re using in order to compare the files.
    If you modified the core theme files there’s a high probability that they’re going to be lost as soon as you update the theme.
    As a rule of thumb you NEVER modify the core theme files in order to avoid this type of problems.
    Please share your theme and GP add-ons versions.


    Hi Roberto
    now I have compared all the .php- and .css-Files of my Website (Theme Version 1.3.34) to the Files in Theme Version 1.3.39. I couldn’t find any changes which looked like being made by me. To be shure I would like to make the same with the original files of Theme Version 1.3.34 if I get them.
    My GP Premium Add-Ons have the Version 1.2.89.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi Tom thanks for the link
    I have compared all the 96 files of Version 1.3.34 to mine and found only two differences.
    My footter.php is Win Format, the Original is UNIX the Content of both is the same.
    My functions.php is also Win Format and has:
    “add_filter(‘upload_mimes’, ‘custom_upload_mimes’);
    function custom_upload_mimes ( $existing_mimes=array() ) {
    // add your extension to the array
    $existing_mimes[‘exe’] = ‘application/x-msdownload’;
    $existing_mimes[‘pkg’] = ‘application/octet-stream’;
    // add as many as you like
    // removing existing file types
    //unset( $existing_mimes[‘exe’] );
    // add as many as you like
    // and return the new full result
    return $existing_mimes;
    at the end. But this is not a changing made by me. Maybe by an Add-on?
    So I think there should be no Problem updating to Version 1.3.39 of GeneratePress.

    Roberto Enrique

    Make a backup, take a deep breath and hit update! GO!


    Ok backup is made, the update-button is pressed and everything looks good with Version 1.3.39!
    Next (after a new backup) I will update to WordPress 4.6.1 and Change to child Theme.
    Thanks a lot!


    Thats it update to 1.3.39 is done, WordPress is also updatet to 4.6.1 and Child Theme is activated.
    Everything Looks good!!

    Roberto Enrique

    That’s a nice thing to hear! 😉

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