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[Support request] Changing the value of the title of blog archive

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    Hello Support,

    I would like to change to value of the title of blog archive appearing on this test website (see link below).
    I’ve already created a snippet named “Home Category Excluder” to show only posts from the category “Das Neuste” (“The Newest”) on this first archive page.
    But how can I change the title “Blog” in “Das Neuste”, name of the category which is shown on this page?
    Can I realize this with a Snippet?

    Thanks in advance for your help + best wishes, Stephane

    GP Premium 1.7.5

    David Customer Support

    Hi there,

    the Site uses the Header Element:


    If you go to Appearance > Elements you will see a Header Element that is assigned to the Entire Site. In the display rules, add an Exclusion: Blog.

    Now make an exact duplicate of that Header Element. Add new and copy over the settings. Or use a Duplicate Post plugin to just copy it.

    Then in the Hero content of the header you will see <h1>{{post_title}}</h1> replace the {{post_title}} template tag with your new heading e.g <h1>Das Neuste</h1>

    Set your display rules to Blog and remove the exclusions.

    It is only the Blog page that doesn’t use the {{post_title}} as it doesn’t have one 🙂



    Oh, this was really easy: thank you for your help David!


    David Customer Support
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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