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    Paolo Fauci


    Hi, when a person clicks on a page that does not exist, the 404 page appears, which is seen in this way in the GeneratePress theme.

    I enclose image: https://snag.gy/wsrXmg.jpg

    I would like to remove the “search” from page 404 how can I do?

    I would insert pages and posts with button continues reading for example.

    Is there a way to do this with Element of GeneratePress or with Elementor?

    You can help me
    Thank you

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    few options:

    1. Make a copy of the 404.php template and add that to your child theme and edit the template.
    2. Elementor Theme Builder allows you to construct your own 404
    3. Hackish way – use a Hook Element to output your new content and then use CSS to hide the elements you don’t want.
    4. Use one of the 404 plugins available.

    Paolo Fauci

    Hi David, thanks a lot for the information for 404

    I saw Elementor but I couldn’t make the page because the ElementorPro version is needed
    Right now for the 404 I wouldn’t want to take a plugin.

    In the Generatepress files I didn’t find page 404 and I don’t know how to create it and how to modify it.

    For the moment I would like to remove the search function, which file should I modify or what setting should I deactivate?

    If I edit this file every time there is a GeneratePress update, do I have to update it manually?

    I await your news. Thanks

    I would like to ask you another thing about the Layout of the Mobile Menu.
    In the 2 sites, I am using GeneratePress with the Liberte – Flint Skin theme.

    Last night I spent 3 hours figuring out why I now see the mobile menu this way, ie the “Menu Label” is placed under the 3 dashes.

    See Mobile Menu 1 : https://ibb.co/t8hQ9Q6

    I saw that the Layout height is 120px and I didn’t understand how I can modify it but above all how it has changed!

    I tried everything, everything, I tried to change the image with a height of 60px, to change the size of the characters to change height (Menu Item Height) but the writing is always down there … there is nothing I can do remains in that way.

    While in another site always with the same settings (GeneratePress with the Liberte theme – Flint Skin)

    I see it in the correct way with the “Menu Label” next to the 3 dashes. This is the visualization I like.

    See Mobile Menu 2: https://ibb.co/P5b2Sb6

    In this case height is 60 px and you can see the logo, dashes and “Menu Label”

    What I realized is being managed by class = “inside-navigation grid-container grid-parent” but I don’t know how to change it.

    How do I set “Menu Label” to the side of the 3 dashes?

    I wait for your instructions
    Thank you

    Customer Support

    404 templates is here:


    Line 57 is where the search form function is called.

    Do not edit this file directly, add it to your child theme directory and edit it there.

    Would you mind creating another topic for the next question – will make it easier for you and others to find this info at a later date.

    Paolo Fauci

    Thank you very much David

    I downloaded the file
    I uploaded the file and removed the search and added the link to the homepage

    My only doubt is that by using this method when there is a theme update this file is also modified. Quite right?

    Ok I opened a new ticket for the menu problem.

    Thanks David


    Customer Support

    As long as its in your Child Theme then you’ll be ok. Theme updates won’t affect that.

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