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    I’m not the most technical guy, that been said let’s try to solve the problem.

    I like how some templates are build but it seems they don’t have it all.
    Examples: I want to use Volume template with the header of Split.
    Want my front page to be columns of the principal pages/posts i would choose from the website, not with the resume of texts and that.
    Also at the end of the pages have a “You may also like” widget and be able to select different footers, although i know this might be done with some plugins if there was already built in would be awesome.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Unfortunately you can’t mix and match two sites. So to begin with install the Site that provides what you most require on a clean install. I would go for Volume as this has more custom styling then split.

    Volume uses a custom built Navigation Element that will be problematic to use with the Split style menu. So you would need to remove that first:

    1. Go to Elements and Delete ( or Quick Edit and Save as Draft ) this hook:

    Slideout Header

    2. Go to Customizer > Additional CSS and remove all the CSS between:

    /* HEADER */ and /* Page Hero */

    Then you would need to add your own Menus and Assign them to the Primary Navigation and then follow this article on how to create the Split Header.


    If you’re up for that challenge i would start there and then we can look at the other options


    Ok, lets leave the header. About the front page how to change it to small thumbnails of pages or the posts without the resume text?
    Thanks for your reply above David.

    Customer Support

    Are you referring to the featured images?

    If so you can use the customizer options to edit them:

    And you can remove the read more label in the customizer as well:

    Let me know if this helps 🙂


    Thanks for the reply Leo.
    It doesn’t help, i want to change the front page. Instead of having the blog posts, i want thumbnails or something like in this example:


    Customer Support

    All of the blog settings can be seen here:


    At the end of the settings is Columns – choose to display the Posts posts in Columns and select the number of columns you want to display.

    Checking the Make first post featured will force the first post to occupy 2 columns.


    I want pages and post to appear, not just posts. Can you make some images bigger like in the example i gave?

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Including pages in your posts can be done with PHP, but it’s typically not recommended – they should be separate things. Doing so will cause a handful of things to break which will require additional filters/code to fix. If it’s needed, I can try to help with the code.

    Using the “Make first post featured” option in the article David linked to will make the most recent post larger than the others.


    … I want to choose Split or Volume , take out the front page that show posts and have something like the link i had above but with a mix of pages and post thumbnails IN THE FRONT PAGE.

    Customer Support

    In that case you would need to:

    1. Create a New Page and Name it Home.

    2. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Reading and set Your homepage displays > A Static Page. And Set your Homepage to the new page you created.

    3. Then you can edit your home page and add whatever content you want.
    If you want to display a grid of Posts and a separate grid of pages then install the WP Show Posts plugin:


    The free version will suffice ( the Pro version extends those features ) – now you create lists in WP Show Posts and add them to your page using shortcodes.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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