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    Hi. I’m having an alignment issue in the footer on a site I’m moving over to GP.

    I was able to use the following to make the Footer 1 widget show my navigation links horizontally. This part works fine.

    .footer-widgets .widget_nav_menu li {
        float: left;
        margin-right:10px; margin-left:10px; 

    However, I’m not able to center that total menu above the centered Copyright notice. I can’t show the live site because it’s a staging site, but you can see a screenshot here:


    I’ve already dug through the past support answers and tried numerous fixes. Normally identifying and centering the div or class would be easy enough, but I can’t seem to pinpoint the right target here.

    I’ve tried using text-align:center on .footer-widgets and just footer widget 1. If I don’t use the above styling to make the menu horizontal, then it centers fine. But when the menu is horizontal, nothing I do seems to center the menu items.

    To get an idea of what I’m aiming for, the live site built on another theme is up at https://allfreelancewriting.com. I’m porting the design over to GeneratePress, and the only things I’m stuck on are footer-related — getting the links centered & adding the login/logout & “My Account” link for logged-in users (managed it fine in the secondary menu, but from checking past support threads it doesn’t look possible w/ the footer widget setup without registering a new menu).

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



    Leo Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Unfortunately screenshots don’t quite help with issues like this when we need to provide some custom CSS.

    Can you duplicate the set up a live link so we can take a look?

    Thanks 🙂



    Because the staging site is a duplicate of an established live site, I can’t send it live even temporarily. I can give you access to a dev account so you can login and view the site though if there’s a private way I can send you that info.



    I’m just going to mark this resolved temporarily though so you don’t spend more time looking into it. I’m going to try registering a new footer menu tomorrow anyway to see if it resolves my issue of needing login/logout and member dashboard links. And that might fix the centering issue since I won’t be using the footer widget anymore if that option works.


    Leo Customer Support

    Sounds good.

    Let us know when you need another look.

    We will be here 🙂



    I was able to resolve this by registering a new footer menu. Then I called it in a hook tied to a custom hook named “generate_before_copyright.”

    That took care of the centering issue and worked w/ the custom function adding the login/logout link.

    Quick question about this though. When I tried using a hook previously, it didn’t work because this hook isn’t in the list to choose from. I only found it when I was digging into the footer.php file from the /inc/structure/ folder.

    I’d assumed any hooks included in the theme files would be available from the dropdown list, but this one wasn’t. Is there a full list of accessible hooks somewhere that we can refer to when trying to set these things up?



    David Customer Support

    Hi there,

    there is a tonne of hooks in GP – some of the more niche ones are not included on the list. I personally use the Simply Show Hooks plugin if i can’t be bothered to dive into Github templates.



    Good to know. Thanks so much!


    David Customer Support
Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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