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    I don’t have much knowledge about websites. Do you have any suggestion for CDN? It will be helpful. I am considering Amazon CloudFront.

    I am using Cloudflare. I don’t know why Cloudflare is creating a weird static home page in India only ( it looks like as if WordPress theme has been removed from the site.)

    The problem seems to stop whenever I am pausing Cloudflare from my site. I have been trying to solving the issue since June 15th but nothing is working for me. I have contacted their support system but I didn’t get any response. Then I asked in Cloudflare forum but even they didn’t know how to resolve this issue.

    I tried changing everything setting in Cloudflare and WordPress because of which I crashed my site countless times already. In these past 30+ days, I was unable to solve the issue. Since 90% of the visitors are from India It is useless to use Cloudflare if it is causing problem in this region.

    Now I am tired of editing, crashing & building the site from scratch, over and over again. I think I should permanently remove Cloudflare from my site. For now, I have disabled Cloudflare though.

    If you know how to solve this issue, please let me know.

    I think I should explore more CDN companies & see what suits me best. Do you guys have any suggestion for me?

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    I don’t have a favorite, really. I use Cloudflare on personal sites, but mostly for the quick DNS configuration.

    Are you using Rocket Loader in Cloudflare by chance? I know it can cause some issues with WordPress sometimes.

    Perhaps your hosting company has a preferred CDN that works well with their servers?


    thank you very much. I’ll give this shot then ask my hosting company .

    Suraj Katwal

    BunnyCDN is one of the best CDN Providers with the cheapest solution. You can get 14 days Trial. I have been using in all of my sites with GeneratePress and it’s working perfectly fine.

    I am using Cloudflare for DNS and BunnyCDN for CDN.


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    Thank you very much. I’ll give this a shot

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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