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[Support request] Category Page – Wrong Approach?

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    I’m trying to create a new template for my news category. I want it to show the posts using Tom’s WP Show Posts plugin. I’ve created a new template called category-news.php – which loads as expected.

    I’ve also removed the loop code and inserted the following function:

    <?php if ( function_exists( 'wpsp_display' ) ) wpsp_display( 429 ); ?>

    The posts display as expected. The only trouble is that the pagination links do not work. They open pages which “cannot be found…”

    I don’t know whether I’ve done something wrong or there’s just something wrong with my approach.

    Any help would be most useful!



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    Lead Developer

    Have you tried re-saving your permalinks in “Settings > Permalinks”?

    If so, it may be a limitation in WordPress, as pagination through a plugin (or anything other than core WP archive pages) can be really unpredictable.

    It may be better to put your posts on a static page, and then 301 redirect from the category page to your static page.


    Hi, Tom –

    Thanks for the feedback. I tried your tip but sadly it doesn’t work. I went on to do some more research online and discovered that this is quite an old and common problem. This is well worth a read:


    I’m sure you can fix it!



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    Lead Developer

    What about that method didn’t work? Setting up 301 redirects should always work – it’s quite common.

    I’m not sure WPSP pagination will work on archive pages like this without being completely re-written I’m afraid.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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