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    1) On the page https://dev.mathijsvanderbeek.nl/category/kinderen/ I got an overlap on the category text. How to fix this?

    2) I like to make my blog overview like this https://mathijsvanderbeek.nl/blog/
    I have some difficulties finding the right css for this. Can you help me?

    3) I like to make the page with sidebar like this https://mathijsvanderbeek.nl/voor-wie/
    How can I make this (with the box)?

    Kind regards,



    Leo Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Can you disable the caching plugin first so I can see the source of the code better?

    Let me know 🙂



    It is off. I forgot something. When I checked use only fontawesone which needs to be loaded (or something like that). It dissapeared and I can not turn it off (cache is off when I checked).

    Kind regards,



    Tom Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    Try adding this CSS:

    .one-container.archive .inside-article {
        padding: 40px;
        border: 1px solid #ddd;
        box-shadow: 0 0 10px rgba(0,0,0,0.1);
    .one-container.post-image-aligned-center .no-featured-image-padding.generate-columns .post-image {
        margin-left: -40px;
        margin-right: -40px;
    .archive .entry-summary {
        display: none;

    Checking that option removes Font Awesome permanently, as we don’t keep it updated in the theme anymore (and it’s too heavy, anyways).




    I also had text at the bottom of a category post that overlapped the footer. I used Simple CSS to add your recommended CSS to the site.

    Now, the post appears in a box. It looks nice.

    Question: I no longer see the first few words of the text below the featured image. Is there a way to make that text appear again between the bottom of the featured image and the category/tags/comments icons?




    Whoops – looking at my category page again, I see that there is still an overlap, even with the nice-looking box. I am seeing the issue with Safari (12.1.2).

    Question – how can I fix the text overlap where the bottom of the category post overlaps the top of the footer?


    Tom Lead Developer

    I think that might be caused by the masonry/isotope set you have – any chance you can disable that temporarily to test?



    Hi. I don’t know how to disable a “masonry/isotope set” because I don’t know what that is or where it is enabled. Some of these details are frankly overwhelming for a somewhat novice user.

    Also, the overlap issue comes and goes. Sometimes I am seeing it, then other times the site looks fine. (???)

    On my other issue: I still don’t see the first few words of the post underneath the featured image, after installing the CSS that you provided for Mathijs to use.

    Your help is appreciated.


    Tom Lead Developer

    Just to confirm, are we talking about this page?: https://dev.mathijsvanderbeek.nl/category/kinderen/

    If so, it doesn’t look like it’s using GeneratePress at all?



    Hi Tom,

    That is the link that Mathijs provided when he initially asked his question. (It does not look like it was made with GeneratePress.)

    On the other hand, I am also having difficulty with an overlap where an item on a category page is overlapping with the footer. You can see the category page here:


    I used your provided CSS to put the article in a box, but I am still seeing the overlap.

    Your help and suggestions are appreciated.

    – Ann


    Tom Lead Developer

    Ah, sorry about that! I’m not seeing any overlap on your site (Chrome or Safari). Any chance you can open up a new support topic with a screenshot of what you’re seeing?




    Hi Tom.

    Thanks for taking a look. I discovered where to turn off the masonry layout, and now the page is displaying properly. I removed the box CSS that you had previously provided in this support thread, and found that my intro text appears where it is supposed to.

    Thanks for the tip about the masonry setting. 🙂

    Problem solved!

    – Ann


    Tom Lead Developer

    Awesome, glad you got it working 🙂

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