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    As noted at the another thread #1225895, I’m migrating an existing site to GP and here is the temp working URL.
    I have added the link to current site for comparison at homepage header.

    A few preliminary questions:

    – why the NEWS page keeps taking the title “blog” although the page itself has another title?
    – single pages and posts do not have the same margins – how to set single posts with same margins as pages?
    – single posts display their corresponding category at bottom of content – possible to move it on top, next to the date?
    – I have set a single image as header background everywhere, but that way featured images are not displaying anymore – is there a way to automatically add featured images on top of single pages & posts?

    Thanks for your help as always!

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    1. For the Blog you will need to create a separate Header Element for it and manually add the title ie. <h1>News</h1>.

    Make sure to exclude the Blog from your current header element.

    2. Any specific pages to compare ? I can see a slight difference between the Home and the internal pages/posts – this is due to the Container Alignment setting in Customizer > Layout > Container

    3. This PHP Snippet will do that:

    4. You can set the Header Elements > Background Image to Featured Image.



    1. Will do, but does that mean that current <h1>{{post_title}}</h1> in Header Element takes into account the slug and not the page title? Possible to change that?

    2. Yes, please click on any page at menu, ie. About, and compare the margins with any blog post from the list in News. I don’t well understand what to change in Container Alignment. I only have global settings and for the Blog everything is set to Auto.

    3. Works fine, thanks.

    4. No, I don’t want the Featured as Header. I’ll keep a fixed header image and I just want to use the featured inside the single post page, on top of page, above the title.

    Customer Support

    1. the {{post_title}} displays the_title() of the post. The Blog is not a post is created by a function and therefore the title function does not exist. Instead GP adds ‘Blog’ as a filler so something is displayed.

    2. In Customizer > Additional CSS – remove this:

    body.single .site.grid-container {
        max-width: 1000px;

    3. Edit the Header Element, temporarily switch Background Image to Featured Image – you will see Disable Featured Image option. Make sure this Unchecked.


    Yep, yep, yep!
    All set and thanks a lot.

    I still have a couple of other questions for the same but for clarity prefer to open another ticket.

    Customer Support

    Sorry but I just realize that since I implemented #3 above it somehow broke the layout for pages.
    It works fine for posts, but pages have issues displaying correctly the featured image, for instance the About page.

    Should I make another header element only for pages?

    Customer Support

    Go to Customizer > Layout > Blog –> Featured Images, select the Pages tab and change the Location to Above Title


    Sometimes I wonder how you can see inside our sites’ customizers – is this telepathy ?๐Ÿ™‚
    That was it, thanks again!

    Customer Support

    Haha ๐Ÿ™‚

    Glad to be of help.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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