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    Hi. On my site, I have 4 different “blog pages”
    The front page is working as I want, showing the full post, not just the excerpt and includes all photos, formatting, etc. The other three, I have been able to get them to show the full post by changing ‘the_excerpt’ to ‘the_content’ in content.php and content_link.php but they don’t show any graphics or formatting. The way that we’re using the site is that the front page is “news” for the overall organization and then there are two other “Latest News” pages for subgroups in the organization and one “blog” but I want it to include full formatting too.

    I’ve changed the code so that the homepage only shows one category. (which is what i want)
    The way that I’m including the posts from other categories in the other pages is with the [ic_add_posts category=’slug’] shortcode. Is that what I’m doing wrong?

    Here’s the temporary address for the site http://sgharrisdesign.com/BLYCWP/
    The other “latest news” pages are under “Juniors” and “Auxiliary”

    Any help would be appreciated. I’m sure it’s something easy that I’m just missing

    GP Premium 1.5.6
    Customer Support

    Hi Steve,

    I assume you are using a plugin to display the posts at different pages?

    I do see this note in the code: <!-- This outputs the post EXCERPT. To display full content including images and html, replace the_excerpt(); with the_content(); below. -->

    Which sounds like you’ve already done it?

    If that’s the case then I would check with the plugin author first.

    Also thought I’d mention that Tom’s WP Show Posts should do exactly what you are trying to achieve too and I would recommend checking it out: https://en-ca.wordpress.org/plugins/wp-show-posts/


    Thanks. That worked perfectly!

    Customer Support
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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