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    Using Container Block from Generate Blocks, I can’t anymore build inside it certain blocks (as I normally used to do before Worpress 5.5 update). Specifically:

    – Gutenberg reusable blocks (even if built with Generate Blocks)
    – Gutenberg blocks from other plugins (like Ultimate Blocks and Structured Contents blocks)

    The only options I have at the moment are

    – For reusable blocks built with generate blocks: rebuilt them manually (argh!)inside the container block
    – For other blocks: keep them out of Generate Blocks Container

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    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    Just to confirm, you’re saying when you add a Container Block, you can’t add any other blocks inside of it? What about core blocks? Other GenerateBlocks blocks?

    Let me know πŸ™‚


    Hello Tom,

    Inside the Container Block I can add:
    – core blocks
    – other generate blocks

    I can’t add:
    – re-usable blocks (no matter if built with core and generate blocks or not)
    – non core blocks (from other blocks plugins)

    Tested on 2 different sites, cache plugin deactivated, browser cache cleaned, website cache cleaned.

    Hope this helps πŸ™‚

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    Lead Developer

    I just gave this a go and didn’t notice any issues. I was able to add re-usable blocks and other plugin blocks into the Container Block.

    When you say you can’t add them, what do you mean? Is there an error that happens? What happens when you click on a re-usable block or other plugin block?


    No error messages. Just they pop up at the bottom of the page (after all the other blocks) instead of inside the container block (where I hit the + for the new block).

    In summary: they work properly, but outside the container block (as if I click the ‘+’ in the top left corner of the wordpress edit page)

    IMPORTANT UPDATE (I find an unexpected behaviour while testing now): this issue exists ONLY if I select the block from the new wordpress extended block menu (after I click the ‘browse all’ option). If I choose the block from the smaller menu, all works properly!

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    Lead Developer

    Ah, I see it. Can you try adding a core Group block, then try adding another core block inside of it using the expanded block menu? Does the same thing happen?

    I get the feeling it’s “intended”, or a bug that shipped with 5.5 maybe.


    Well, it seems very confused.

    For sure, when i choose a block from the small menu (directly or recalling the name of the block in search bar) everything works fine (even with non core blocks).

    When I use expanded menu, core blocks generally (not always!) works fine with Container Block. Non core blocks or re-usable blocks (generally, again) don’t work properly with Container Block.

    But, if from the expanded menu instead of browsing i directly recall a block through search bar, it ‘generally’ works with Container Block.

    In conclusion: sorry but also myself I’m finding out things on the go. Working only with small menu and search bar at the moment fixes the issue. That’s all from my side πŸ™‚ Let me know what you think, but probably it’s a problem on WordPress side so we can close this ticket for now!

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    Lead Developer

    I believe this issue is related: https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/24501

    It seems to apply to all blocks. If you open the explore panel, it will not insert the block inside a parent block – it adds it to the top level.

    Will definitely cause some confusion – hopefully they acknowledge the issue and resolve it.


    Yes, it seems exactly this way.

    Let’s wait and see. Thank you!

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