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    How do I create a callout label like wirecutter? For example the “Our Pick” callout label


    I would like to add to the summary at the top of my page for

    Customer Support

    Hi Adam,

    There’ll be some custom CSS required.

    Can you add a GB headline block directedly under the parent container?

    Choose inline-width for the headline block, select the background color and text color.

    Once it’s done we can take a look then and provide CSS.

    Let me know.


    ok i added this

    .gb-headline gb-headline-70abe235 gb-headline-text: {display: inline;
    padding: 10px;}

    Customer Support

    Hi Adam,

    I can’t seem to locate the Headline with this class:gb-headline-70abe235. But, I can see that you were able to add the Headline TOP CRYPTO PLATFORM as preferred.

    May we know if you’ll need further assistance regarding this?

    Kindly let us know.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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