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    Hi. Longtime user of GP Premium and Elementor Pro here and I’ve spent hours looking for answers but alsa, I’m stumped on an issue of “master” colors (body/content) and page width. I have Elementor colors/fonts off and the default width (I did not type in a value) in Elementor settings. I have some page sections set to boxed (which inherits width from the GP Customizer.) I’m trying to set my colors using the GP customizer but the colors won’t carry over into the Elementor editor view or the live site. When I adjust the page width in the GP Customizer, I can see the “gutter” of the BODY color and the CONTENT color which are coming from the GP Customizer. I have no custom CSS anywhere. I’ve even added an extra “default/reset” section on the page. You can see from my image here that in the GP Customizer it’s all correct (obscene colors for sake of example) but on the live page and in the Elementor editor only the BODY color is showing. No CONTENT color appears. I want the CONTENT color to come from the GP Customizer in case the client wants to change it as generating from the section would not be efficient sitewide. Thx for your help.

    (This is a screenshot of the correct layout as it is in the GP Customizer. So I know it works correctly there.) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PBN5AtJ5CTXTw-76irWj3UH620kG50Oe/view?usp=sharing

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Sorry not sure if I fully understand.

    Which section should I be looking at?


    I’m sorry it was confusing. I thought as an admin of the forum you could see the page where the color in the CONTENT doesn’t exist. The BODY color is taking over. I want GP’s Customizer to control both. But there seems to be a conflict somewhere. In the Customizer, I can make a change and see it in the customizer area but in the live site the CONTENT color generated from GP’s Customizer doesn’t appear. It’s ONLY the BODY color everywhere. What I’m trying to get is a boxed site where my content areas (boxes) are white and the side “gutters” have the BODY color. My client doesn’t want full-width.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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